The Book of Mormon is True!

Hello world!!!!!
This week was stressful but Sister Hobbs and I worked SUPER hard. We taught 33 lessons and hit the standard of excellence with members presence! But we have yet to still find a solid investigator… At the beginning of this transfer, both Sister Hobbs and I chose one Christlike attribute to focus on. Mine was faith and hers was diligence. So you know how when you pray for God to help you develop an attribute, He will give you a trial or challenge to make you stretch (like when you ask for faith, He gives you a trial that makes you exercise and ultimately strengthen that faith)? I am guessing that is what is happening. These past three weeks have definitely been testing, yet strengthening our faith and diligence. Just keep swimming.
We saw a ton of miracles this week though. For example, yesterday we went to go meet with our new investigator and she flaked on us. We then felt prompted to knock on the door upstairs so we headed up and knocked. A Hispanic lady answered and we had a really good gospel conversation with her. She told us she had met with the Elders before but wasn’t able to go to church because of her job. We testified of keeping the sabbath day holy and she said that the Elders could come back and visit! It was really sweet and we both felt the Spirit really powerfully as we testified of the Sabbath. Finding and teaching by the Spirit always lead to wonderful experiences.
The less active couple that got reactivated back in March is now going to the temple this weekend to do their first temple baptisms!!! We met with them last week and they were both just beaming as they speculated about their temple trip. They have gone such a long way and both know and understand that going to the temple is a privilege and you have to be of high standing to be able to enter. It was just so neat to see how they understood so well how sacred the temple is. We are so excited for them!!!
Oh we also had MLC and Zone Meetings this past week. Again, a lot of it was focused on the importance of obedience. I feel so incredibly blessed to serve in a mission where obedience to the commandments and mission rules and the principles of the gospel. Obedience is to help us come unto Christ – keeping the commandments all point to Christ and we are blessed when we do so. And it’s the best way to show our love for God and Christ and our friends and family!
I also finished the Boom of Mormon today! I know that it is true with all my heart! I had another confirmation today from the Spirit that it is. I know that if we read it and pray with sincerity to know if it’s true, the Holy Ghost will testify to us in a way we understand that it is true! I have learned so much and my faith and testimony has continually strengthened this round of reading the Book of Mormon. The principles in this book apply to every person in every situation. I love the Book of Mormon so much! Our mission has also been putting an emphasis on using our paper scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, during our teachings (haha because we have iPads…). And it’s been a blessing! There definitely is more power in using paper scriptures.
A lot more happened this week but my head is kind of sporadic right now haha. I love being a missionary and learning to be one with the Lord in doing His work. There is SO much I need to improve and work on, but it’s a lot more manageable and doable and less stressful with the Lord helping out 🙂
Have a wonderful week! Pray to know one person you can share the gospel with this week!
Sister Huang

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