Families Can Be Together Forever

Hello world!!
What great first week of the transfer! Man, I love being a missionary, being in Sunland and being with Sister Hobbs. She is a really great person and companion and missionary and we get so much work done but have a lot of fun while doing it! She’s hilarious and I am always laughing. Also, she’s 24 so she feels like my older sister and she says that I am like the Chinese version of her haha. I think I mentioned this last week, but she is from New Zealand so her accent is great for contacting. She was also a pharmacist so that’s super legit. She’s just really legit. And she’s a super bomb coach and pushes me – we ran up the WHOLE street that we live on! Haha it’s like a 3/4 mile run with a 10-15% incline. Anyway, I feel really blessed to be with her and I am already learning so much from her! She’s going to be a huge blessing to this area and to our sisters. She already is!
Wow it was a great week. I just love working hard and going to bed exhausted every night. It’s a good feeling, even when your numbers don’t show it. We have been working really hard on in improving our contacts and talking with everyone. To be honest, I’m not 100% with talking with everyone – I miss a few here and there – but we had one day this past week where we literally talked with everyone we saw. It was really cool. No one that we talked to was interested, but hey, it’s the effort that counts and we are professional seed planters.
On Thursday, we were walking to find a less active when we saw this lady about to get into her car. We walked really quick up to her and introduced who we were. Since she was in a rush, we asked if we could stop by another time and she said that we could come back the next evening. So Friday evening comes and we were at an appointment and it went longer than planned. By the time it was over, it was around 8:30 and we would still have to drive 15 minutes to get to this lady’s house that we said we would visit. When we got there, it was around 8:45. It was late, especially to just drop by, but call me ignorant or rude or inconsiderate, but I just really wanted to stop and visit this lady. We knocked on the door and her husband answered and then she came and was like “WELCOME! Come on in!” So we did and we got to meet her husband and her six year old daughter. Her husband was not interested but we got to have a really good sit down with her. The Spirit was really strong and it was probably one of the best “How to Begin Teaching/Setting Expectations” lesson I have ever had. So much listening, testifying, teaching to her interests and needs and inspired questions. But even with the Spirit that strong in the lesson, she didn’t want to set a return appointment with us and continue to meet. This just shows that people have their agency and we have to respect it. We did all that we could and we just have to trust that God has a plan for them to eventually receive the gospel. I am really grateful for that experience though and I am glad that we decided to still go find her even though it was late.
Remember Crystal? The less active we found last week by jumping the gate? She’s progressing so well and went to church again yesterday! And now she’s saying daily prayers and having her daily scripture study! And the Ward is continuing to do an awesome job with fellow shipping. We visited her yesterday and she told us she just found out great news. SUCH GOOD NEWS, GUYS. She said she was talking with her boyfriend yesterday and long story short, he is seriously considering joining the “Mormon church”. She started tearing up and talking about how excited she is to get her family sealed as well as doing all the proxy work for her ancestors and his as well. It was so cool. This gospel is for families and Heavenly Father’s goal is to not only get us back to Him, but our families as well so that we can have that eternal happiness as a family. We teach and emphasize that baptism is not the end goal. The vision is to get families to the temple! And we were so excited to hear Crystal already having a firm grasp and desire for that vision.
Ooh another cool miracle that happened yesterday. After church and studies, we prepared to head out to start proselyting. That whole day, we kept praying that we would find a new investigator. Heavenly Father answers prayers! We parked the car kind of far away from our appointment so we could talk with more people. Within the span of 10 minutes, we picked up a new investigator and got a referral and taught three people! I love the tender mercies that happen everyday and I am grateful for them.
We are continuing to work closely with the Ward. In fact, we got two sisters in Relief Society to come out with us this week so we will be doing splits! We are excited for that. Also, some of the men in the ward went with the whole high council to do a “rescue mission” yesterday in which they took the ward’s focus 15 list and split off and visited them. Bishop said he would organize all the reports and then let us know which of those people have potential as of now that we could work with. Seriously, our Bishop is bomb and so is this ward. We are also teaching people and inviting people to make a mormon.org profile as our dinner thoughts. This Ward is made up of mostly converts with really diverse backgrounds and stories so we felt like mormon.org would be a good way for them to share their testimony and stories to help other people! It’s going well so far!
I know that Heavenly Father lives and I know that because of Jesus Christ’s Atonement, we don’t have to be stuck with our weaknesses. It is so possible to overcome them and make them our strengths with the Lord’s help. I also know that families can be together forever and that this gospel blesses families. It sure has blessed my family and I am so grateful that I get to be with them forever. My family means the world to me! am blessed to have the knowledge that death is not the end and that it is possible to progress and improve and reach the divine potential that God knows we have. I invite all of you to do one thing for each of your family member this week that will strengthen your relationship with them. I know that God put us in our specific families for a reason and that every family can be a successful family if each person puts in their effort. And that is what Heavenly Father wants for us too!
I love you all so so very much! Thank you for all your support, emails and love. Have a blessed week!
Sister Huang

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