Sister Huang is in Chinese Work

Hello world!!!
So this email will be pretty short. We had transfers and it was really sad and lots of emotions. Sister Robinson is leaving Sunland to be in Monrovia with Sister Bell and Sister Tui’vai for her last transfer. I love her so much and I am going to miss her. Taking her place is Sister Hobbs. She’s from New Zealand (hooray for the accent!) and she has been out for almost nine months. She got transferred from Rowland Heights, in which she served for her first nine months, so we both know what it’s like to serve in an area for a suuuper long time and then leave. She’s really nice and fun and a hard worker so I am excited to work with her!
In other news, they keep moving the Chinese missionaries to English work. Sister Xia is going to Glendora in English work and Elder Fu is going to Glendale, also English work. And my daughter, Sister Mann, is TRAINING! And guess what? Her trainee’s name is ALSO Sister Huang and she’s from Taiwan too! She was originally assigned English speaking but is being trained in Chinese work (hence the title of this email). Haha we have the coolest family tree because our last name and origin actually carries down! Three Sister Huangs 🙂
As for this week, we had a really awesome week. It was an incredible way to end the transfer together! Less active work is continuing to progress! On Tuesday, we went to go visit a returning less active and our Relief Society President came with us. When we got there, it turned out that they weren’t home. BUT, just then, our Bishop texted us a person to visit, someone whose records just got moved into the Ward. So we went out to Lake View Terrace to go find her. After spending 10 minutes trying to unlatch the super rusted gate, Sister Robinson jumped the fence and went to go knock on the door. Also, this was at 8:30 at night haha. But guess what? She was home! Her name is Crystal and she has an adorable 2 1/2 year old son, Ayden. She’s been less active for a long time, but she told us she wants to come back. She said she feels like it’s time to work on strengthening her relationship with God again and she wants to also take the lessons again! Our Relief Society President offered to take her on Sunday since Crystal doesn’t have a car, so she was able to make it! It was so happy. Member missionary work is bomb. Also, she has a non member boyfriend who we got to meet yesterday! He’s super cool and as we started teaching, he said that he wants to give the LDS church a second chance. So, he is going to bring the Book of Mormon with him as he drives the truck and read it during his down time! SO EXCITING!!
We had a ton of other miracles this past week, like a less active bringing his non member friend to church, one of our investigators saying that his view on Mormons completely changed after meeting with us (he did not like Mormons before) and picking back up one of our super awesome less actives!
This past week, I’ve just felt an added amount of gratitude for the fact that I get to be a missionary at this time. I love it so much. As you might have remembered from last week’s email, I was feeling really discouraged. But priesthood blessings are real. It was like a 180 and I am so grateful. Right now, I feel like my fire for the work has increased tremendously and I AM SO EXCITED! Faith, hope and charity are all back!
I love you all so much and I invite you to read Alma 34. It’s all about the Atonement and I know that as you read it, you will learn how to better apply the Atonement to you, personally. I know that Jesus Christ lives and as we turn our weaknesses and feelings of inadequacies to Him, He will comfort us and help us become the instruments that He needs is to be. Let go of the pride and acknowledge your need for His help and then, as Sister Robinson would say, “all is well in Zion.”
Have a wonderful week!
Sister Huang

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