Opposition in All Things‏

Hello world!!!

I hope you all had a really happy and wonderful week this past week. We had a super eventful week that was FULL of opposition. I was thinking of how prevalent this theme was in this past week. There were parts of this week that were some of the most enjoyable times on my mission and there were parts that were some of the worst times on my
mission. But I am grateful looking back at just this one week. I’ve learned and come to understand more is Heavenly Father’s plan and the why’s of it all.

I have learned to acknowledge my Savior’s love and grace on a deeper level. I have learned to be more patient in our path in attaining perfection and that it’s okay to fall short of the glory of God because that is how you learn to access the Atonement. I have learned
that it is okay to doubt and to be discouraged and to be sad. If we never doubted, were discouraged or sad, how could we ever experience and have faith, confidence and happiness? For the longest time, I would suppress those feelings because I thought it was bad. I thought I HAD to be happy and suuuuper faithful all the time but to be honest,
that’s really hard! So in the doctrine of Sister Huang, it’s okay to feel those negative feelings. What’s not okay is to not do anything about it. When we have those feelings, we need to take action and fix it by praying, reading the scriptures, going to church, getting a
priesthood blessing if necessary and serving others! Sometimes, it takes more effort and time to feel better, but as long as we are facing Christ and relying on His Atonement in grace, the dark times will pass and you’ll come out a lot better and stronger and more
refined than before.

I’ll try my best to summarize this week 🙂

Tuesday: WE HAD MLC (Mission Leadership Council) AT THE TEMPLE AND GOT TO DO A SESSION WITH PRESIDENT AND SISTER VILLANUEVA. Who gets to do that ever?! I feel so blessed. So much of that day was a testament and confirmation to me that I am at the right place at the right time and all of this was predestined. MLC was only an hour and a half long but it was so powerful. President Villanueva showed us some stats and it’s incredible how much our mission has improved since last year. All of our key indicators have gone up which means that we are being more diligent and obedient. It is so clear that the mission culture has changed and that we really are on fire. I know that President Villanueva is inspired and called of God to preside over this mission and I feel so blessed to serve under him and to be a part of this change! He told us that right now “is the best time on the mission.” Wow. But right after, he quoted President Hinckley and said “it is not enough! There is more we need to do!” And he knows exactly what it is and how to do it. This man is amazing. And the temple was spiritually fulfilling and edifying. I love the temple so much. It was the best temple trip. Save the best for last, right?

Wednesday: We had a BOMB proselyting day – which was really good because it was our only full day of proselyting of last week. We did a come and see exchange with the Glendale sisters – Sister Dunn and Sister Colson – and that’s when we bring both of them into our area and do splits there for a day. I was with Sister Colson and we just had a billion and one miracles. One of my favorites from that day was when we went with a member to go teach a lesson. We got to the home and the investigator was pulling out of his driveway. So it fell through. But I really wanted our member to have some missionary experience so we took him to find some other potentials that lived near the area. We ended up finding one of them at home and got to teach a really spiritual and solid lesson on the Book of Mormon and our member did an amazing job bearing testimony and sharing his own
experience on how the Book of Mormon blessed him. I love when members come out with us. So please go out with the missionaries whenever you can! It will bless you so much! Nothing is better than missionary work.

Thursday: After a super hectic and crazy morning, we were able to teach at Zone Meeting for our zone (La Crescenta) and the Pasadena Zone. I never would have thought I would say this (because I am terrified of public speaking), but I love teaching at Zone Meetings. We taught on having the faith to find and also the faith to drop. I love feeling and seeing the Spirit work through us and the missionaries as we all engage in helping each other build our faith and be better missionaries. We have amazing missionaries and awesome zones. Wow I just love being a missionary in the California Arcadia mission.

The Zone Leaders also did a really powerful object lesson that some of you probably have read about. Basically what happened was they had a box of donuts for us. They asked each of us if we wanted one and we could take it or not take it. However, one of the elders, Elder
Baguley, had to do 5 push ups for each donut, whether we took it or not. It seems so small, even silly perhaps, but the message definitely got across. It’s best stated in Alma 7:11-12:

“And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people.

And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities.”

We have to choose everyday whether we accept His infinite gift to us or not. I love Jesus Christ so much and I am so very grateful for His personal sacrifice for me. He is my Savior.

Friday: It was a day full of helping our sisters as well as ourselves. Let’s just say it had been awhile since we really took care of ourselves and that needed to happen.

Saturday: We had an awesome Zone Leadership Council where the Zone Leaders and District Leaders and us got together and talked about the needs of each member and companionship in our zone. There was so much love and compassion and support. We discussed about how to better support and love our missionaries so that in turn, they can have more fire for the work. I love the leaders in this zone.

Sunday: It was a really tough day spiritual wise. I’ve definitely had hard days on the mission, but yesterday, it was pushed to a whole new level. I am grateful for Sister Robinson and her constant support and love. I am also grateful for miracles and tender mercies because they are great pick me ups. After my breakdown, we went out and worked and saw the immediate blessings from that. We met with a less active who was baptized when he was eight but never went to church after that. We found him one night while looking for some people and he is literally the golden less active. We invited him to pray and start reading the Book of Mormon to come to know if there’s a God because he didn’t
believe in God before. And after just three lessons and praying daily and reading Alma 32, he told us he feels that God exists!!!!! And he said his first vocal prayer yesterday!!! Also, on the side note, he travels and does iron mans so that’s super legit. He biked 62 miles in
three hours yesterday morning so yeah, no biggie, haha. Anyway, it was so so awesome. And the members we brought with us just clicked with him!

Wow that was a super long email, sorry! I just want you all to know that I know that God and Jesus Christ lives and they love you. I know that His plan is perfect and opposition is necessary. I know that the Atonement is as real as you make it to be. Use it everyday and I
promise that you will come to love and know our Savior on a deeper level and that you will be enabled to reach your divine potential. I know The a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God’s kingdom on the earth.

Sister Huang


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