My Purpose as a Missionary

Hello world!!

I am so happy. I am so grateful! Every day, I grow to love my purpose as a missionary more and more. I love fulfilling it as a missionary and the more I consecrate myself in doing it, the more fulfilled I feel. I love spending everyday inviting others to come unto Christ by
teaching them faith and repentance and preparing them for baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. And I love the principle of obedience. We taught about obedience in both of our Zone Meetings and it increased my desire to be more obedient. I love the White Handbook and all the mission rules!!! I have learned that being strictly obedient and working with unwearied diligence makes the mission much more rewarding. The mission is an exercise of obedience.

This week, we had two Mission Leadership Conferences and two Zone Meetings and a Mission Conference. WOOOOOOO. It was a week full of awesome and direct counsel. Basically, there is a stronger urgency to change!! To be more obedient, to be more focused, to be more converted, to be more fearless and assertive in contacting and declaring our purpose as missionaries, to change our teaching style to make them more effective, to teach repentance and baptize converts. I wish I could share every single thing I learned from these meetings because they were all so inspired. On Saturday, we were joined and
instructed by Elder James J. Hamula of the Seventy. At the beginning of his remarks, he said that after shaking each of our hands and observing the conference for the first five minutes, he already knew everything he had to know about the mission. And because of that, he decided to forgo his original plan because he didn’t think we needed it and just did a Q&A with us. The whole time, it was like straight up revelation and complete guidance by the Holy Ghost. So cool. He also told us that the place we get called to doesn’t matter whatsoever. It’s about which mission president we get assigned to. He said if
President Villanueva was assigned to a different mission, we would be there too.

As for our area, it’s doing great!!! We are working so hard to get our members pumped up for missionary work and we are seeing the fruits of our labors!! Also our most golden investigator is still the most golden and he is going to get baptized this Sunday!! ALSO, a referral from headquarters called us!! We called him about three times and he never picked up but then he called us!!! That is the first time that has happened to me on my mission so it was really exciting. He wants to change his life and he knows us missionaries can help him. YEAH WE CAN!!

Sorry for the short-ish email this week. But I love every single one of you and I love being a missionary!!!! I want to be here forever and never go home.

Also, SISTER GUAN AND LARRY GOT BAPTIZED IN ARCADIA YESTERDAY!!!! By Brother Li!!! I am so grateful and happy for them!!!!

Sister Huang


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