A Week of Christmas

Hello world!!!

This week was so GOOD!!! It felt like Christmas everyday, hence the subject line.

Miracles upon miracles upon miracles. I can’t even remember all of them and all that happened this week, but I can just remember that it was a BOMB week.

We set three of our friends on date for baptism! Okay so preface. Our mission president has been having this push for baptizing converts monthly and leadership needs to set the example. Neither Sister Robinson or I have baptized monthly so it was kind of stressing us
out. At the beginning of the week, we set two of our dear friends for April (WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR THEM!! They are so amazing and humble!!) but we still didn’t have anyone for March. Then MIRACLE STRAIGHT FROM HEAVEN:

A part member moved to our Ward from Frasier Park last week. The wife was baptized in December and the husband just LOVES the church. They came to church on Sunday and our Bishop (who is seriously the bestest ever) invited them over for dinner along with us missionaries. We had a great dinner and then taught a lesson. The Spirit was so strong and
Bishop and his wife bore powerful testimony and when we extended the baptism invite for March 20, the husband was like “Yes, I would really appreciate and like that.” I felt like we were in The District or something. It was so unreal. And the funny thing is that the wife said when she got baptized in December, he did not want anything to do with the church or meet with the missionaries and she told him she would give him five years. Well, their previous ward did a phenomenal job fellow shipping them and less than five months later, he’s agreeing to get baptized! Only in God’s true work does this kind of stuff happen. I am so grateful to be a witness of this. THE GOSPEL AND CHURCH IS SO TRUE. Oh my goodness, this family is so bomb. They have a one year old daughter and they were saying how they wanted her to serve a mission. And then they said they wanted to serve a couple mission!!! AHHHHHHHH. It took all self-control not to squeal in that lesson. I love this
work so much.

Ooh guess what? Gladys Knight is coming to do a special fireside here in Arcadia on April 22!! We had training on it last Saturday and were told that this was the easiest way to do missionary work haha. She’s done this fireside a couple of other times in California and Texas and now she’s coming here!!! So we are to invite everyone and their dog to this fireside. And we are to train our Ward Councils as to how to get them and the whole Ward to invite their friends to this event. During the training on Saturday, we got to hear a ton of miracle conversion stories from these fire sides so it’s going to be awesome!!!

Speaking of that training… It was the best surprise ever!!! Basically Christmas. We thought it would just be like a Zone Meeting or Conference, but when we got there, ALL MISSIONARIES WERE THERE!!!! I almost about died and went to heaven. It was so good to see all the Chinese missionaries as well as all the English and Spanish missionaries from my previous zone. IT WAS SO HAPPY. So many of these missionaries have blessed and changed me and my life! I love missionaries.

We also found another part member family!! We have been blessed with finding many part member families and it’s the best. The wife is less active and the husband is not a member but they are super cool and down to learn more and meet us!! We get to see them tomorrow!!

Last week was kind of weird because we didn’t have any exchanges or anything… Our meetings and exchanges got cancelled. But it was a tender mercy because Sister Robinson and I got to work together the whole week and focus on our area. Nonetheless, this week is looking super hectic. We have two Mission Leadership Conferences and a Zone Meeting and an exchange… But I know the Lord will take care of us, our sisters, our investigators and our area.

Also can I just say I LOVE SISTER ROBINSON!! She pushes me like no other and it is the best. We have so much fun together and the member we live with told us that she always hears us laughing like hyenas. Life is really good now.

Okay I can’t remember much else from this week, just that it was awesome and I wish all you guys could be with me and experience this because it is just TOO. GOOD.

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOMMY!!!! I will be singing happy birthday on Saturday!! Love you lots!!


Have a splendid week!!

Sister Huang


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