Hello world!!

Okay so Sister Robinson and I are drained and dead so this week’s email might be a lot shorter. Our stress reliever for the week was yesterday when we tried to fix our super clogged sink. Yep, that was our stress reliever.

Wait first, I just want to say that BROTHER LI GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!!!!! I was so so sad I couldn’t go to the baptism, but thanks to mom and Megan Chan, I got pictures!!!! Sister Guan and Larry will be baptized on March 13!!!! LIFE IS SO HAPPY!!!!! That family has
my heart forever and ever and ever. Good job to Elder Ng and Elder Oh!!

So this week was crazy. We had three exchanges and two of them were back to back. And all three of the exchanges were us bring the whole companionship to Sunland to work with us for the day. It was a great learning experience – each sister had so much to offer and teach us – but it was so draining. I’ve been stretched emotionally and spiritually on the mission, but this was definitely a huge stretch physically and emotionally.

On Tuesday, we went on exchanges with Sister Ballard and Sister Colson. I was with Sister Ballard and man, do I love that sister! She is so real and personable and she has a true love and sincere desire for her investigators. She has only been out for three months, but she
is on fire. We were able to find a miracle golden investigator that night. We were originally looking for her mom, but then she answered the door and said her mom wasn’t home so we said we would come back later. Three hours later, we came back and it was still just her. So we talked with her and then all of a sudden, she just opened up – her history has been a really rough one – and said she has developed a solid relationship with God but that she wants to go to church really bad. However, she wasn’t able to make it yesterday because she just got a new job 😦 But we will hopefully meet her tonight! We also picked up her mom on Friday and she’s awesome as well.

On Wednesday, we went on exchanges with Sister Mann and Sister Xia and Sister Gong. I trio-ed up with Sister Xia and Sister Gong. We spoke so much Chinese!!!!! It was great. It was also awesome to work with Sister Xia after 4 transfers – she has grown and changed so much and I am so proud of her. And she was BOMB at contacting in English. The whole day, I kept telling her “YOUR ENGLISH HAS GOTTEN SO GOOD!!!” She’s a powerful missionary and the most loving friend and sister. Always and forever my conjoined twin.

On Saturday, we had a kind of a crazy exchange. It was with Sister Plumb and Sister Vaea (who are the happiest missionaries ever!! They laugh so much and it’s so contagious) but we also had Missionary Weekend where a youth from the stake comes with us missionaries for a day. So I was with Sister Plumb and a girl from the stake and Sister Robinson was with Sister Vaea and another girl from the stake. Haha it was crazy. The stake told us missionaries not to sugarcoat anything as to what real missionary life. The girl with Sister Robinson and Sister Vaea definitely did not get ANY sugar coating whatsoever. I’m not
going to expound on it, but it was so bad that it was just funny. Anyway, Sister Plumb is the and she is so happy and nice and loving and I loved being with her. She’s been out for six months and is so much farther ahead than where I was at six months. She talked with everyone and it was so natural and not awkward and just awesome overall. I learned so much from her!

Sister Robinson and I are still trying to catch up on all the people we met while we were on splits with exchanges – it was so hectic last week. Good, but hectic haha. This week, we only plan on having one exchange so we will have a lot more time to work together. I love
Sister Robinson so much. She is always pushing me to be better, more consecrated and diligent.

I know I talked about this last week, but I just LOVE the message of the Restoration and Joseph Smith! We taught it many times this week and each time I teach it, my testimony and conviction of it strengthens. We had a lesson with two less actives last night where we
taught the Restoration. After the lesson, both Sister Robinson said that in our 13 months of serving, that was the most powerful Restoration lesson we have taught. I can’t even begin with how powerful the Spirit was in that lesson. I wish I could sit there forever.

Ooh another miracle! One of our less actives came to church yesterday
and stayed for Relief Society! This was the first time she’s come to
Relief Society in a really really REALLY long time! It was a big deal.
And the sisters in Relief Society just flocked to her and loved her.
It was so happy.

Okay so that turned out to be a longer email than I thought haha. Well, I love you all so much. I know I say that every week, but it’s true. Every week. I know Joseph Smith restored Jesus Christ’s true church back on the earth with ALL the truth that are in its purest forms. I know that God calls prophets today and that they do receive revelation to help lead and guide us. I am so grateful to be Christ’s representative! I am so grateful to serve Him. I know the Atonement can change every person’s life for the better. I know its healing power is beyond real. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!!!!!

Sister Huang 黄姐妹


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