This Place is on FIRE

Hello world!!

Well, it felt like a week-long exchange here in Sunland. But it’s starting to get real now. English work is super different, but in a good way! I am learning SO much as to how to better work with members, the ward and the stake and it is AWESOMEEEEE!!! President Villanueva has been pushing us missionaries to be more on FIRE and it is happening here in Sunland. Also Sister Robinson is on fire all day everyday and it’s so contagious. It is seriously the biggest privilege to work with her. She’s been an STL since she was five or six months in and we go home together. So she knows what she’s doing and she’s good at it. She gets stuff DONE and it’s awesome. So even though I have no clue what I am doing and I don’t have a single leadership bone in my body, it’s okay because I have Sister Robinson to learn from and Heavenly Father will help me.

Haha oh remember how I went on about how inadequate I felt in last week’s email? Well, I had the stereotypical inadequate breakdown on Friday night (Sister Robinson is a trooper) and then was called to repentance by President Villanueva. He told me to get rid of those
feelings immediately because they are from the devil. I love him. He’s the best at reproving with love.

Okay so right before I came in to Sunland, Sister Robinson and Sister Tilini dropped all their investigators because none of them were progressing towards baptism. So we are starting from scratch and it’s awesome. They have a huge potentials list so this past week, we spent a lot of time finding them and contacting on the street as we went. And from that, we picked up EIGHT new investigators! Four of them were from yesterday. Okay yesterday was just awesome. We were able to go to the Stake Correlation meeting with President Villanueva, the APs and the Zone Leaders. Then we had a rockin’ dinner with our Bishop and had an awesome discussion about member missionary work and how to be better at that. And then we had a cancelled lesson so we went out to find and found two SUPER prepared people who we will be meeting this week. Also we have a bomb ward mission leader.

And we walked and walked and walked and walked and it was awesome. There are so many hills here!!! It down poured Wednesday night and we trekked 1 1/2 hours uphill and it was great. We laughed the whole time.

OH I can’t forget my favorite tender mercy from this week! To preface, there are zero Chinese people here in Sunland and I feel deprived. Okay so we were walking on ednesday when I saw two Asians and I just prayed in my heart that they were Chinese (because I still can’t can’t tell the difference) and when they got closer, I just said “你好!!” and they said it back and it was definitely the happiest!!! It felt like I found a long lost friend haha. We talked and turns out they are from Hacienda Heights (in our mission, just an hour away) and knew the missionaries down there! I told her to go to church and then she told her son to take a picture of us. It was so so happy. Words don’t do it justice.

We went to Alhambra to do studies with Sister Gong, Xia and Mann. It was so wonderful to be with these three dear sisters/previous companions of mine. I love each of them so much. And it was so awesome to be able to say the mission scripture and pray in Chinese with them. Sister Xia started crying when we were saying the mission scripture and it was hard for me to hold my tears back. It felt so good for us four Chinese sisters to be together after a long time. And can I just say that Sister Xia’s English has gotten SO good!!!! I am so grateful I get to work with these Sisters! They are obedient, hard working and amazing in their own way. It was a privilege to work with each of them as their companion.

So the President has changed the way we do exchanges. Besides normal exchanges where one of us goes to the sisters’ area and one of them comes to ours, we also have to do one where we bring both sisters to our area for a day and the four (or five) of us work in Sunland. We also have to do a planning session and study session with each companionship. It’s a lot but luckily we have seven weeks this transfer and only four companionships. I am so excited to learn from each of these companionships and sisters and their areas!!!! We have great sisters.

Okay well it’s been an adjustment and it still is but I have learned to love the work on a whole different level. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. Also, my testimony of the Restoration has increased and strengthened so much this past week. I love Joseph Smith and I know for a fact that he restored Christ’s true church and the priesthood authority back on the earth. I know he is a prophet of God! I know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God’s kingdom on the earth. And even though Chinese work and English work are very different, the gospel and its principles are all the same. How amazing of a blessing and privilege it is to be Christ’s representative and boldly declare His gospel!

Hope you all have an amazing week!

Sister Huang


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