Happy Happy Happy

Hello world!!!


Secondly, I hit my year mark last week! I am still in denial that I only have six months left. I’m just going to keep telling myself this mission will never end. I love it too much.

Thirdly, Brother Li accepted a baptism date for the 28th! He’s the dad of the awesome and sweetest family we are teaching. We have been teaching them for about a month and it’s been the best experience. They’re the first actual family I have taught so it makes it extra
sweet. I’ll just list some of the happy moments we had with them this last week.
-On Tuesday when we followed up with them on their Book of Mormon reading and prayers, they told us that they have been praying as a FAMILY every morning! And the mom and son read the Book of Mormon together every night!! And if the parents forget to read a chapter we assigned them, their son reminds them to do it!! Again, I had the giggling problem – but I seriously can’t help it! SO HAPPY!
-We went over one night and only the mom was home so we read Alma 32 with her. We stopped in the middle and asked if she had any questions or comments. She was quiet for a while (I’ve been learning to be okay with silence. It’s still a struggle for me) and then she said “Is there really a God?”
Instead of saying yes, we asked her “What do you think?”
Silence again.
“Yes, I think there is a God.”
“How do you know?”
“Because I have read the scriptures and prayed.”
“There really is a God and He loves you so much!”

The Spirit was the sweetest. Literally two weeks ago, she didn’t know if there really was a God because she’s never been taught or told about God. And now, she can say firmly that she believes that there is a God. And it was by doing  those three simple things: going to church, reading the Book of Mormon every day and praying every day!! This gospel is so true.

-We invited them to be baptized last week and they were all still hesitant. We  invited them to pray about it and we would follow up in two days. Two days later, we followed up and they didn’t pray about it. We then asked Br. Li to offer a kneeling prayer right then to ask if they should be baptized on February 28. I am pretty sure he got an answer during his prayer because right after, he said, “I am going to do my best and work hard to be baptized in 22 days.” The mom and son are still a little hesitant but we are planning on using the same approach with them tomorrow when we visit them. And you bet WE are going to the best we can and work the hardest we can to help them be baptized on February 28!

Fourthly, I can truly testify that Mormon’s promise that if we “pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, [… we] may be filled with this love.” It might not happen in a day or a week or even a month, but He will grant it to you. I’ve been praying for charity in every prayer for the past I don’t know how long… But I feel like this past week, Heavenly Father has given me a bigger heart and more capability to love. And patience – another attribute I’ve been trying to work on – has come along with it. I’m definitely still not the most charitable or patient person, but I am so grateful that Heavenly Father answers prayers and because of Jesus Christ’s Atonement, I have the potential and hope that one day, I will be a charitable and patient person.

Fifthly, I forgot to mention this last week, but we had a Stake Women’s Conference that I was able to help translate for (haha my Chinese is still not up to par for translation….). The theme was “Finding Joy in the Journey. ” It was exactly what I needed to hear. For those who know me, I am definitely not the happiest person. But through that conference, I was reminded that it is so easy to find the little joys in life and tender mercies and that itself can make your day so much brighter! Often times, I forget to count my blessings and I think that’s one of the easiest ways to be happy! God has given us so much and there is ALWAYS hope because His plan is the plan of happiness and it is perfect.

Sixthly (is that even a word?), contacting brings miracles. On Thursday, we were finally able to plan a chunk of time to park contact. We walked and talked to people, but there wasn’t much success. By the time we finished walking around the whole park, we still had about an hour left. We prayed to know where to go next and then after, I had the impression to go back to the park. At first, I was a little hesitant because I thought we would just see the same people but we still went. And lo and behold, we found a family who had just been in America for 10 days. We are planning on meeting with them tonight so I’m super excited!!!!

Oh so since yesterday was Chinese New Year’s Eve, all of our investigators had plans so none were able to make it to church. Nonetheless, another miracle! Our less active friend came!! We were singing the sacrament hymn when I saw her walk in with her two daughters and their stroller. SO HAPPY. And right after, she asked us to help her fill out the tithing slip! She has had so many challenges and restrictions that make it really hard for her to come to church, but I feel like her faith is stronger than many people who do come to church every week, including mine! She is a powerhouse and I love her!

So this week is the last week of this transfer and it’s going to be awesome because we are going to work hard and make miracles happen. I’m so excited!

“He hath given unto you that ye might know good from evil, and he hath given unto you that ye might choose life or death; and ye can do good and be restored unto that which is good, or have that which is good restored unto you; or ye can do evil, and have that which is evil restored unto you.” (Helaman 14:31)
Do many good things out of your own free will this week and you will see more good in your life!! Heavenly Father loves you so much!

Sister Huang

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