Power of Peikes!

Hello world!!!

So our golden investigator is almost set to get baptized this
Saturday! Last Thursday, we asked her how she felt about baptism and
she said that she is really excited because she knows that through
baptism, she will be able to come closer to God. We are teaching her
the last lesson today and she is getting interviewed on Wednesday and
then if all goes well (which it will!), she’ll get baptized on the
30th! She is so awesome and it’s been the biggest privilege to teach
such a prepared soul. Guys, these people really do exist! She is our
miracle dropped from heaven. She is a testament to me that Heavenly
Father provides because even though both of our original January
baptism dates didn’t make it, He helped us achieve our goal of
baptizing monthly by giving us Linda. I really believe it was our
commitment to be obedient and learning to rely on God. Also MEMBER
MISSIONARY WORK. It was her neighbor (a member of our ward) that
simply invited her to church a couple weeks ago and look where that
led! “By small and simple things, great things come to pass”!

And I can’t forget about our dearest family! So we were able to meet
with the dad Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before English class (his
wife and son weren’t able to come) and we taught him the Restoration.
Never have I seen someone so readily accept Joseph Smith and Thomas S.
Monson as prophets of God. And that’s not even all. When we introduced
the Book of Mormon, he was SO EXCITED. He also LOVED the analogy of
comparing the Book of Mormon to a keystone. I couldn’t help myself
from not giggling. Okay so best part was Saturday evening when we got
to meet with the whole family. We introduced the Book of Mormon to the
mom and son and the dad helped us in explaining the Restoration and
the Book of Mormon. He was so excited to share all that he had learned
the previous three days!!!! They are all so excited to read the Book
of Mormon. And at the end of the lesson, we said a kneeling prayer. We
invited the mom to say it and even though it was probably the shortest
prayer, it was powerful because it was sincere. I LOVE THIS FAMILY. I

Another miracle: we hit the standard of excellence for number of
lessons with member present! Actually we exceeded it. The standard is
seven and we got eight. Can I just emphasize again the power of peikes
(member present)?! They add a third testimony of what we missionaries
teach and are able to relate more to our investigators being that
they’re parents and adults also. There were so many times this week
during lessons when I felt prompted to invite our peike to share a
testimony or story and they just did it before I even asked! Talk
about teaching in unity. We have awesome, awesome members who love
doing missionary work!

I also want to testify of God’s perfect plan for each of us. To be
honest, this past week was ROUGH in terms of companionship. During
weekly planning, I just had a meltdown and called the Sister Training
Leaders because I didn’t know what to do. I’m still not able to
balance helping both my companion and our area and I didn’t know who
to go to for help because there would either be a language barrier or
boundary issue or other stuff.  But when the STLs came, we were able
to come up with some ideas as to how to help me get the support I need
to balance helping my companion and Arcadia. Sister Hamilton suggested
putting an English sister with us to help Sister Gong with her English
and I was like “God knows it all because starting from Friday night,
Sister Dunn is going to be with us!” That ET was so crazy, but I know
it was all part of God’s plan. He is so aware of each one of us. So
for the past three days so far, we’ve been doing Chinese and English
work, covering two areas and languages. It’s been so nice to get a
second opinion and suggestion for our investigators and I think it’s
definitely helping Sister Gong in terms of English. The elders joked
saying that by the time this week ends, I will have forgotten all my
Chinese. It’s kind of happening haha.

Other fun stuff that happened this past week:
-Sister Gong and Sister Xia hit their one year mark this past week! SO CRAZY!!!
-I locked us out of our apartment AGAIN (third time….). But luckily,
our bathroom window wasn’t locked so I got to pull off some Spider-Man
action and climb through our tiny bathroom window.
-We had a worldwide missionary department training broadcast and it
was AWESOME. I think they said it was the first one they’ve done in
about ten years? I love getting training and suggestions from our
church leaders. They are so inspired and it reminded me again that
this work is truly THE most important work to do. I LOVE BEING A
-We got to go to an English member’s house for dinner with Sister Dunn
and it was wonderful. It was a young family (the dad’s actually in
school to become a nurse anesthetist) and they had three little kids
that were the cutest. We don’t have any young families in our ward so
it was super refreshing and fun. Sister Gong said she really liked
American families haha.

So this week, we are going to be running back and forth from English
work to Chinese work which will be fun! Daily planning has been fun,
trying to combine our plans together. But double the area, double the
fun, double the miracles!

Thank you for all the looooove and support! I have so much love and
appreciation for each one of you! Thanks for being the best! Have a an
awesome week!

Sister Huang


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