New Year, New Transfer

Hello world!!!

I hope all you guys had a great New Year! Crazy how it’s already 2016!!!

Luckily, Sister Gong and I will be staying in Arcadia together! Elder
Chui is going back to Alhambra and Elder Hsu will be our new district
leader! Sister Maughan and Sister Dunn are both still in our district
so that’s bomb πŸ™‚

I think this is my seventh transfer here in Arcadia but I am really
really REALLY grateful I get to stay here for another transfer. I have
a lot to learn from Sister Gong and from this area. Even though I have
been in Arcadia for six transfers, I feel like I still have so much to
learn from this area and there are still so many more people to meet
and bring unto Christ. I feel like this area really pushes me to
continually improve. I love Arcadia!

This week, we had a miracle that left me pouring my heart out in
gratitude to Heavenly Father. So we decided that we would start
setting very specific contacting goals – for example, we had to talk
to at least three people on our way to the church building, or we
wanted to find one new investigator that day or get two phone numbers
in one day – and then in every prayer, we would tell Heavenly Father
what our goals were and asked Him to help us achieve it. It was a
suggestion that Elder Chui gave us at district meeting. He said every
time he did that, he reached his goal. I was really excited to do that
and I felt like my faith was stronger than it had ever been. However,
on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday, we set a goal to find one new
investigator each day (as well as talking to people), but we weren’t
able to find any new investigators. To be honest, I was disappointed
and confused as to why we weren’t reaching our goals despite our
immense faith and hard work. I remember on Tuesday, as the day was
coming to an end, I prayed countless times, pleading to Heavenly
Father to help us find that one new investigator or to let me know why
we weren’t able to achieve our goal. At the end of the day though, I
remember I got a feeling that everything was going to be alright. I
love the power and blessings that come from sincere prayer. That is
definitely one thing I have learned to treasure and do on my mission –
sincerely talking with and developing a relationship with my Father in

Then Thursday comes. Sister Gong was feeling really weak and pretty
sick both Wednesday and Thursday so we weren’t able to go out a ton.
We had a lesson but it fell through so we decided to look through
formers. We prayed to know who to visit. The first two weren’t home or
moved and the third one – their house didn’t even exist. However, we
called the phone number and the dad picked up. We introduced who we
were and he said he was willing to meet the next day! We also told him
to invite his family and he agreed! After we hung up, I just sat in
the car and squealed. I didn’t know what to do with myself and my
emotions so I just squealed. Then Friday, we had a lesson and brought
a member and got three new investigators! And a family! It was too big
of a miracle for me to comprehend. Heavenly Father loves His children
so much and He always answers our prayers as long as we have FAITH!
Man, how I love the principle of faith!

That experience also humbled me a lot. As we were driving to try to
find the third former, (and I was feeling a bit discouraged), Sister
Gong just said “You know, we had a miracle today. People actually
opened up their doors to us when we knocked!” She taught me so much
about gratitude in those five seconds. It really is about those little
tender mercies.

We also learned a lot more about the importance of studies. I feel
like no matter how strong your testimony is or how well you know the
doctrine or how long you have been on the mission, if you don’t have
morning studies, it is hard to work in unity and teach with power and
authority. District meeting was all about how to improve our studies.
It’s always nice to get different insights and ideas from other
missionaries and then implementing them in your own mission life.
Sometimes it is hard for us to have all three hours of studies in the
morning because some of our investigators can only meet in the
morning. However, morning studies is in the white handbook and
Heavenly Father will prepare a way so that we can be obedient to the
study schedule. We are working out our schedules now because we
realized we really do need our studies otherwise our day won’t go as
smoothly as it should, especially lessons.

I love the principle of repentance and how we can repent ANYTIME. We
don’t need to wait for a new year to make resolutions or changes, but
we can do it anytime! And the best thing is that we never have to do
it by ourselves. Jesus Christ is right by us. His hand is outstretched
and He is eager to help us conquer our weaknesses and help us become
like Him. I am also so grateful for the fact that He allows us
imperfect, natural beings participate in the miracles and blessings
that come from doing His work. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ really
are all loving.

Well, I hope you guys had a great start to this new year! I love you
all so so much. I know I say that every week but it is so true. I feel
as if my love for His children grows more and more every week.

Sister Huang



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