Jesus Christ Makes Me Happy!‏

Hello world!!!(12/28/2015)

Skyping with the fam bam was the best Christmas gift ever! I think we used up half the time just laughing again, haha. We have the happiest family! I am so grateful I get to be stuck with these people for eternity 🙂 I am so so proud of Shane for starting his mission papers and so excited to hear that Harriet wants to serve a mission! I am so proud of you guys and all that you are!

As for this week, despite the fact that there were very few people
around and available to meet with and talk with, we still had many
miracles. It was a good week. To start off, we had exchanges on
Tuesday so I got to do some Spanish work! Now I know how to say the
church’s name in Spanish and I was able to say a prayer by the end of
exchanges! I was with Hermana Hamilton (we actually found out we both lived in Hinckley Halls at the same time! Small world). She’s coming up on her last transfer which is sad because she is such a strong and awesome missionary and I am going to miss her. Anyway, it’s so interesting to see how different Chinese, English and Spanish work is. But that means new ideas for finding, teaching and all other aspects of missionary work! I sure picked up a lot from that one exchange.

Also, funny story while we were on exchanges. We were visiting a less
active and while Hna. Hamilton was talking to her, this member had a
really confused look on her face. She then asked how come I wasn’t
saying anything and Hna. Hamilton said it was because I was a Chinese missionary and didn’t know any Spanish. Turns out the member thought I was Mexican.

On Christmas Day, we had a tender lesson with one of our new
investigators. She came to church last last Sunday and when we
followed up with her, she said she loved it so much. She said she
learned and understood so much. I am grateful to be in a ward where we have solid teachers and members to help our investigators better
understand the gospel. The lesson itself was really good too. Sister
Gong and I have been working really hard at balancing out our teaching as well as working better with the Spirit. We felt like our practice and hard work paid off in that lesson. The Spirit was working between us as well as our friend. It’s lessons like these that make all those roleplays and struggles worth it.

We were also praying to find new investigators. It was Friday and we
still hadn’t found anyone. I have been focusing more on making my
prayers more sincere and faithful. On Friday night, I pleaded with
Heavenly Father to give us a miracle and help us find a new
investigator. As we were doing our daily planning, I thought of an
English class student that had been coming for a while now, but for
some reason we never got around to trying to set up a lesson with her.
So on Saturday morning during studies, we role played over and over
how to invite her to learn about the gospel (sounds funny right?
Especially since we do it so often… But we always need more
practice!). After English class, we asked her if we could do a church
tour with her to introduce more of what us missionaries do. She said
yes! And the tour was a success. She said that she felt like God
prepared a way in helping her get to where she is now and meeting us.
It melts my heart when our friends acknowledges God’s hand in their
lives. We are meeting her again this week after English class and I
can’t wait! My testimony of sincere prayer was definitely

As I have served longer on the mission, I’ve realized more and more
that Satan is powerful and he does A LOT to discourage us. But I have
also learned that God is MORE powerful. We hear it time and time again that light will always overcome darkness, but hearing is different than believing. I can truly say that I KNOW that light will always overcome darkness. Faith in Jesus Christ makes us happy and can overcome any discouragement. Oh, He makes me so happy!!!!

I am so grateful to be a missionary and to also have this time to grow
closer to my Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ, of
whom I get to represent! I love putting on my name tag every morning. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon – I know it is true! Every time I read it, I feel inspired and renewed. It just makes you feel
GOOD! And that’s the Holy Ghost testifying that this book is true!

I love love love you all and hope you all have a happy New Years!

Sister Huang


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