Glad Tidings!

Hello world!!!

First off, thank you all so much for the birthday cards and wishes! I
am really grateful to have spent the majority of my last year as a
teenager as a missionary. It’s been an amazing birthday so far – a
member/old family friend took us out for lunch and we had a zone
activity and then later on, we will go caroling with President and the
Sister Xia and Sister Mann!!!

This week has been a whirlwind! We had our mission Christmas party on
Saturday which was a blast. It was so good to see our Chinese family
again! We started off with some training and a testimony meeting. I
love the special spirit that is present during Christmas time. And it
was extra present as all of us missionaries in our mission gathered
together and sang and bore testimony of our Savior of whom we
represent. After that, we had our Christmas program in which each zone
performed a Christmas song. Oh man, we were all in tears; it was
hilarious. And then we got to hit the piñata! The best was seeing
President go at it. I love that man so much.

We also had a pretty bomb week. Two weeks ago during PDay, we talked
to a lady at the laundromat and invited her to do a church tour with
us. We met with her this past week and she is so great. She was
baptized in another church two months ago, but she came to church
yesterday and said “I feel different in this church. I like it so much
better.” I knew that it was the Spirit testifying to her that she
found the restored church. We will be meeting with her again this
Friday! On Christmas!!

We were able to set a baptism date with our friend who we met at the
park a coupe, weeks ago. At first when we would teach him, he seemed
like he wasn’t really paying attention. We then decided to put more of
an emphasis on the Book of Mormon and it made a huge difference. It
made a huge difference in all our lessons. Our friend was more engaged
and was able to understand and get so much out of it! I love the Book
of Mormon so much and through personal study, God has definitely
helped me to better know how to use the Book of Mormon in our lessons.
Our friend also wanted to go to the temple so we got to go yesterday
and see the lights!! So so so wonderful!!

I love love love Christmas. I love Christmas hymns. I love my Savior.
This past week, I spent a lot of time studying His Atonement and the
real reason behind Christmas. Words can’t express my sincere and
ultimate gratitude for Jesus Christ. His love for us and His love for
Heavenly Father is SO pure. He is the greatest gift! And we need the
glad tidings! I love being a missionary at this time of year. And it’s
nice because Chinese people don’t make Christmas as big of a deal as I
am used to so it gives us more time to reflect on the true meaning of

Also, if you haven’t watched this year’s Christmas video on, watch it! And if you haven’t shared it, share it! We were
told on Saturday by our President that there have been over 6,000 self
referrals just from that video! Be a missionary a Christmas and share
the happiest message and gift given to man!

I love you all! Have a merry merry Christmas!!!!

Sister Huang


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