Learning to Counsel with the Lord

Hello world!!!

The weeks go by faster and faster. I can’t believe this transfer is already halfway over… Time needs to slow down!

We had a miracle lesson with our 10 year old friend. We have been meeting with him for a while now but this past month, he has progressed so much. It was always hard for him to focus on the lesson and to keep commitments like praying, reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church. There were so many times when we thought of dropping him – so glad we didn’t! In our lesson with him this past week, we talked about the ten commandments and following the prophet. It was like teaching a completely different person. He brought up his concerns as we went through the commandments – for example, his mom accidentally signed him up for a chess class on Sunday mornings (when we have church). BUT, he said he wanted to change it so he could go to church and when we talked to his mom after, she said she was going to change it because he wanted to go to church!! Wow wow wow. So proud of our little friend. In that same lesson, he finally agreed to a baptism date!

As for our main investigator, G, we are still trying to figure out how to better help her get her answer. We have had so many amazing, spiritual lessons with awesome, solid peikes, but the timing’s still not right. Like I said last week, we feel like we have been doing everything we can but she still can’t get over the first step in believing in God and Jesus Christ. However, whenever I get discouraged, the Spirit reminds me that she’s lived 58 years not knowing anything about God. Two months is short in God’s eyes.

Speaking of her having so many peikes… She’s already part of our ward family. I have never seen so much support from ward members in helping an investigator. During Gospel Principles, the members literally had a discussion as to how to help G. It was so touching to hear them trying to discern and help our dear friend and her needs. We also gained a lot more insight from our members as to how to better teach to her needs and interests. I love this ward so much.

All in all, it was a hard week, physically, emotionally and spiritually. However, I have realized that counting my blessings has been a great remedy. I have also been reading a lot on consecration. One thing about a consecrated missionary is that they are extra milers. They give everything they got until there’s nothing left. And then they rely on the Lord for the extra reserve of energy. So this week, I tried harder to access that reserve of energy and that was by learning how to counsel with the Lord. Sincere prayer is key. I feel like this week, I have come to know my Savior on a closer, dearer level. I need Him everyday! We all need Him everyday. And He is always always always right beside us. I am grateful for this Christmas season. I am grateful that our Savior was born.

Have a blessed week, my dear friends and family! I love you all!

Sister Huang


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