The Only Thing Constant is Change

(Letter from Nov. 9)
Hello world!!
It was a good week of more member-missionary work, progressing investigators and miracles with less-actives. On Wednesday, we got a referral from our High Priests leader and she is golden and ready. However, since she lives closer to Alhambra, we sent her over to Sister Xia and Sister Gong. They had a lesson with her the next day and when we followed up, they said it went super well! My faith has been increasing so much in regards to the fact that the field is white ready to harvest! There are SO many prepared people out there! And it’s the best when members are out there helping us missionaries find them!
Yesterday was so happy. First of all, Mountain View Ward and Temple City Ward combined to have the Primary Program! I love Primary Programs and I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve seen one so the whole time, I was just bubbly inside. One of the best things about the program was that one of our investigators participated in it! He was all dressed nice and spiffy in his suit and it was just the best. Second of all, both of our investigators with baptism dates came to all three hours! When we came into Relief Society, the sisters just welcomed them with open arms. Having peikes (member present) are the best!
Our Relief Society president gave us a list of less actives she wanted us to visit, just to see if they still live there and if they want visiting teachers. We started on the list one night and couldn’t find any of them – they either moved, went to another church, didn’t want to talk to us, etc.. But then the next day when we went out to find more, we had great success! We visited about 7 and one of them was super nice and accepted a return visit! Yes, 1/7 counts as an enormous success! We went back to the car feeling super happy and blessed.
Friday night was also so wonderful. We called one of our less actives to just see how she’s doing and to see if she’s reading the BOM. We’ve invited her to read the BOM so many times, but every time we follow up, she says she hasn’t. To be honest, I kinda expected her to say no, but she said she did! She read the chapter we assigned her! And she saw the immediate blessings from it. AHHH I couldn’t even contain my happiness on the phone so I kinda started giggling haha.
And then later that night, we decided to go over to another one of our less active’s house to invite him to sports night. It’s been probably over 2 months since we’ve seen him so we were really hoping Heavenly Father could give us a miracle and find him. And He did! First miracle: one of their neighbors was outside of the apartment complex and let us in! Usually, we can never get through the gate because it’s locked, but that night, Heavenly Father prepared a way! And then when we knocked on their door, HE WAS HOME!! And not only was he home, but his whole family was! They were so nice and let us in and fed us food (per usual in Chinese culture) and our friend came to sports night!
So really really sad news. Our Zone Leaders told us on Thursday at Zone Meeting that our Chinese zone/family will probably get split up next transfer. They’re thinking about dividing zones based on stakes and since all three of our areas are in three separate stakes, we would all get split up. When I heard this, I almost cried. Sister Xia actually cried. They can’t split up our family! Sometimes, it’s definitely very hard to accept God’s will. But the only thing constant is change so it’s something I need to get used to. Next transfer calls will be interesting…
The gospel is true, people! My testimony of that grows everyday. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and it has been my rock. If you are searching for peace, solace, comfort or help, go to the Book of Mormon. It is a huge blessing to be able to have a full hour dedicated to personal studying and pondering God’s word. I love being a missionary!
Have a beautiful week! Pray for someone new this week!
Sister Huang

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