Nine Months

Hello world!!!
Sister Mann graduated from 12 week training today!!! I also hit my nine month mark this Wednesday which is insane…
This week was wonderful! Our teaching pool is growing with awesome potential! We found a family and the mom already accepted a baptism date! Guys, the gospel really changes people. And sometimes, it’s immediate. We met with the mom on Tuesday and did some how to begin teaching and taught her how to pray. Then on Thursday, we were able to have a lesson with her, her husband and their 12 year old son. One of the first questions we asked them was if they believe that there is a God. They all said yes so we asked them how they knew. Their answer touched me. The husband said that it’s because in the past two days since we met with his wife, he felt as if she became a completely different person. She didn’t get angry as easily or as much and there was more peace in the home. The wife said she felt less irritable. She said that she usually scolds her husband and child everyday, but she didn’t scold them at all the last two days. And this is why they believe there’s a God. This gospel blesses individuals and families. And it was so darling because at the end, the mom was super excited to teach her husband and son how to pray. It’s been so long since I have taught a family so this lesson just brought the biggest joy.
We’ve also had a lot of great member-missionary work going on. One of the blessings of working in the same area for 7 months is that you get to really develop and solidify your relationships with members. And the work hastens when that happens! A member from Hacienda (also family friend, woohoo!) gave us an awesome referral last week. And man, does she have HIGH expectations for us in helping this referral join the church and experience the blessings of the gospel. I am so excited to see where this goes!
We have also been having wonderful experiences with members coming and participating in our lessons. There is true wisdom when Preach My Gospel says, “Before baptism and confirmation, ensure that members are present at every lesson, if possible.” It really makes all the difference, especially in getting investigators to church. I am so thankful for the members who are so willing to give up some time to peike with us and help our friends enter the doors to salvation.
Also, can I just say that our Relief Society is bomb? Another example of member-missionary work. One of our recent converts hasn’t been coming to church for the past two months and we felt like we had been doing everything we could to get her to come. The Relief Society President and Visiting Teaching Coordinator also called and visited her. Every time we meet with the RS Presidency and the VT Coordinator, we talk about our dear friend. Anyway, it’s been a team effort and yesterday, our recent convert came to church! Our VT Coordinator bore her testimony and shared how grateful she was to see a dear friend come back to church. It is so neat and great to share our love for our friends with our members.
One of our less actives called us the other day and asked if we could come over to help with English. So we went over and also read some of the Book of Mormon. My testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown so much since I have been on my mission. It’s seeing people change and learning to feast upon the word that is evidence to me that this book is the word of God. While we were reading, our friend told us that after not reading the Book of Mormon for so long, she felt like she was filled. And then she asked if we could come every week to read the Book of Mormon with her. UM, YES!!!!! I love the Book of Mormon.
We Skyped with our recent convert Zhang Li, who’s in China!! She has been going to church every week where she lives and it was just so happy to see her still active in the gospel!!!! Also just to see her in general. I love and miss that lady so much.
I am so eternally grateful for the trials and the hard times Heavenly Father gives us. I am grateful that He loves His children so much that He is willing to break our hearts so that we can learn to completely rely on Him to make our hearts whole. I’ve learned that I’m definitely the kind of person who doesn’t like to rely on people too much, but Heavenly Father has taught me to rely on Him. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s going uphill.
I love you all. Also, this past week, I’ve seen the power that comes from visiting teaching. Home teaching and visiting teaching are SO important. It helps us fulfill our baptismal covenant and it is a RESPONSIBILITY. It gives us an opportunity to be the Lord’s hand in doing His work and administering to our brothers and sisters. So please please please, don’t overlook this responsibility and blessing and do your home teaching and visiting teaching!
Have a wonderful week!
Much love,
Sister Huang

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