“So Come What May”

We got to take Sister Huang to the airport! I miss her so much already.

We got to take Sister Huang to the airport! I miss her so much already.

the member who helped us the most with fellow shipping Zhang Li. She's amazing.

the member who helped us the most with fellow shipping Zhang Li.
She’s amazing.

Zhang Li's beautiful baptism

Zhang Li’s beautiful baptism

more baptism pictures :)

more baptism pictures 🙂

Hello world!!

This transfer is off to a great start. Yesterday, Sister Mann and I were saying how our friends and family must be paying a lot of tithing because this past week, we received so many blessings that we basically had no room to receive them all. But at the same time, I feel like another blessing was that Heavenly Father helped us be able to receive them all. I. Love. Being. A. Missionary. Everyday this week, we just went to bed drained but satisfied. It’s the best feeling. I really feel that life is perfect. Yes, people and situations are imperfect, but God’s plan for each of us here on this earth is perfect.
Zhang Li was baptized yesterday! Her conversion story was what President Yen said was a very successful example of member-missionary work. She has so many friends in the Mountain View Ward and I know her branch in China will take good care of her as well. And her conversion all happened very fast and slow at the same time. Sister Huang first met her in February but then she went back to China. She came back in April and we met with her a few times and right before she went back again, she said she really wanted to get baptized. However, she didn’t know when she was coming back again. And then about 3 weeks earlier, she came back but said she was going back to China 9/6. But then circumstances happened and she is now going back 9/20 and she basically planned her own baptism/confirmation schedule. Miracles. I know that she is going to play a big part in moving the work forward in China. She has such a solid testimony. She told us that she felt like she had been searching her whole life for the right church and now she’s found it. And the baptism service was absolutely wonderful. So many members came and supported her and she was just full of happy tears. Words can’t explain how much I love Zhang Li, how proud I am of her and how excited I am for her.
I was reading Jacob 5 again this past week and I just felt so touched. I felt like the allegory was the story of Arcadia and I felt really grateful to have been in Arcadia to see how it all panned out during these 7 months (minus 1 1/2 months). I remember at the beginning of my mission, there were so many times when Sister Xia, Huang and I were like the Lord thinking “what more can we do for our vineyard?” It was a struggle to say the least. But as we continued to “diligently [labor] with [the Lord] in [His] vineyard […] and kept His commandments,” we are seeing the fruits of our labors! It’s all coming together. We are seeing more members involved in missionary work, we are finding more prepared people and our companionship is becoming even more unified. I am so grateful!!
Sister Mann was telling me how she really liked the line in “I Believe In Christ” where it says “I believe in Christ, so come what may.” She said she didn’t want to say it at first because life is ROUGH and it’s not like we ever say “please give me more trials or challenges.” However, as our testimony and relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ strengthens, we can have the courage to SHOUT “So come what may!”
Also, I want to thank the Brookfield CTR 7&8 class for the cutest letters! I teared up reading them 🙂 And just thank you thank you thank you all for the support, love and prayers. I know that is so much of why we are seeing so many miracles.
Sister Huang

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