When Things Fall Into Place

Sister Huang's last District Meeting

Sister Huang’s last District Meeting

SISTER CHAN!!! So so so happy to see her again!

SISTER CHAN!!! So so so happy to see her again!

The two people that were baptized yesterday! Brother Zheng and Sister Jing!

The two people that were baptized yesterday! Brother Zheng and Sister Jing!

 The baptism!

The baptism!

Hello world!!!

My heart is full. Really really really full. I have seen the Lord’s hand and the fruits of our labor and it’s a wonderful feeling. The Lord is revealing to me the bigger picture. Every week, I just become more and more in awe of His magnificent and perfect plan and how all these pieces just fall into place! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. Also, my heart is full because of all the love and support I feel every week from my beloved friends and family. But P-Day was crazy today (transfers and all) so I don’t have enough time to respond to everyone individually! Hopefully I’ll have more time next week!
So to start off, Sister Jing was baptized yesterday! We had to get through a lot of hurdles in preparing for the baptism, but the service was wonderful. The elders also had a baptism so it was just a beautiful day. We were just about to start teaching Sister Jing right before I left for Alhambra and when I came back, she already had a baptism date set and was going to church every week. Then we came in and just kept progressing! I have seen such a huge difference in her and her family between the first time we started meeting her and now. I have also seen the Lord’s hand in helping her understand the gospel. Like I said before, she can’t really remember things very well so we would have to repeat principles many times. But by the time she was going to do her interview, she knew everything and believed everything. She loves Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ so much. I am so grateful to have been able to play a small part in her conversion story.
Her baptism also brought many miracles as well. We had been meeting with a less-active who actually served in Taiwan a long time ago. We invited her several times to join us in Sister Jing’s lesson so that she can feel that spirit of being a missionary. When we were planning the baptism we thought that we could invite this LA to give the opening prayer. One, because she played a part in Sister Jing’s conversion story and two, it could give her another reason to come to church! When we asked her, she said she couldn’t guarantee it. But Sunday comes along and she comes to church and the baptism!! Turns out, she knows a couple of people from our ward from way back when in Taiwan which means more support and love and encouragement to come to church!!! SUCH A MIRACLE!!!!

We also thought that Sister Jing’s baptism was a great way to get her daughter to come to church. Her daughter got baptized last year but hasn’t come to church for a really long time. So once again, while we were planning the baptism program, we thought to give her daughter the assignment of giving the talk. She was hesitant when we asked and didn’t really want to do it, but with the Spirit’s help, she agreed and on Sunday, she came to church and also did a wonderful job with the talk! I just can’t even express the joy that I felt when I saw those two less actives walk into the chapel on Sunday. The gospel is true!!!

We also had a great last half of the week! Why was it so great? Because we had many lessons with a member present! It makes all the difference. And one of our members that came to our lessons was a 9 year old kid and his dad. I’m pretty sure this 9 year old boy makes the peike (fellowshipper/member present) ever. I love member-missionary work. Also, one of the members in our ward decided to hold a ward potluck/testimony meeting. It was a GREAT opportunity for us missionaries to strengthen our relationships with the members and to hear their powerful testimonies! I have come to love the Mountain View Ward like it’s my own home ward. These people are precious.

Oh and speaking of transfers haha. I’m staying in Arcadia with Sister Mann and Sister Xia is going to Alhambra to be with Sister Gong! After 6 1/2 months, the conjoined twins are separated. It’s bittersweet, but I know Sister Xia will do great things in Alhambra. Also, Elder Pao is our new Zone Leader with Elder Chui. ALSO, we lost two of our Huangs 😦 Sister Huang (my mission mom!) is going home (time flies so fast!!!!) and Elder Huang became AP (hooray for a Chinese AP!)! But we’re getting another Elder Huang tomorrow so basically, there will always be at least 2+ Huangs.

Arcadia is growing and blooming with miracles and prepared people! I am so grateful I get to stay here for another transfer. I’m also so grateful to be with Sister Mann! We have high expectations and we are going to work really hard to reach our goals and to do what the Lord wants us to do! The work is moving forward!

Sister Huang

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