Sister Xia and I are Having a Baby!

Sister Xia treated me to THAI for my six month mark!

Sister Xia treated me to THAI for my six month mark!


Hello dear friends and family!
Yep you read right! Sister Xia and I got a call from the APs yesterday telling us that we will be training the new sister together! Sister Xia really is my partner in crime. We have been trained together, moved together (twice), had the same companions together, and will now train together. Conjoined twins I tell you. I think that right now, we have been so caught up in the excitement of getting a new Chinese speaking Sister (it’s been over five months since Sister Gong came in) to even think about the training aspect. I am grateful to have Sister Xia – she will be a great trainer.
Our new sister is Sister Mann! We just picked her up today from the mission office! We almost tackled her when we first saw her because we were so excited. She is from Centerville, Utah and is studying physics at University of Utah. No worries, I still love her πŸ™‚ She is awesome and her Chinese is GOOD. AHHHH so so so excited!
As for this past week, it was a fruitful week. We had Zone Conference yesterday! It was incredibly uplifting and inspiring, just like every other one. I testify that President Villanueva is a man called of God. He receives specific revelation for the California Arcadia Mission. Recently, I have been trying to really focus and figure out how to COMPLETELY submit my heart and mind to God and this work. I had several questions and concerns pertaining to that going into the conference and lo and behold, revelation and answers came. This work is the Lord’s work and He will shape and refine His missionaries so that we can become the capable and loving servants that He needs us to be. We just need to be exactly obedient and strip ourselves of pride. Easier said than done, but the rewards will be far greater than if we just rely solely on ourselves.
Also, we had exchanges with the ENGLISH SISTER TRAINING LEADERS! Us Chinese sisters don’t have an STL now because there are only 4 of us so now the Sunland sisters are taking care of us πŸ™‚ I was so blessed to go to do English work with Sister Schneider. It was an amazing experience. First of all, it always feels great to teach and speak in your native language (however, I totally forgot how to pray in English….). Second of all, Sister Schneider is AMAZING. She is THE definition of bold and loving. She is so straight up but her investigators and LAs always listen and do what she says because they know it’s all out of love. Also, she gave me a TON of new ideas to better work with the ward. She told me that we can’t bring in people to a without first strengthening the ward itself. It’s so true. We can baptize a ton of people, but if the ward is not on board with missionary work, it is incredibly difficult to have a high retention rate. Overall, I learned so much from Sister Schneider and I am extremely sad that she will be going home in three weeks 😦
We have been working with a couple who had a baptismal date set for last transfer but it didn’t happen. So before we met with them this past week, we decided our goal for the lesson was to set a new baptism date with them. However, during the lesson, the Spirit directed us down a different path. We were reading from the Book of Mormon and it was so apparent that the Holy Ghost was teaching all of us through the scriptures. The Holy Ghost helped them understand and feel the power and hope of the gospel and He helped Sister Xia and I discern their needs. We ended up switching the invite to better accommodate to their needs at that moment in time. I am so grateful that this work is not our work, but the Lord’s work. I am so grateful that He knows and loves each one of His children individually. I am so grateful that through the Holy Ghost, we are able to know how Heavenly Father wants each specific person to come unto Christ. None of these miracles or lessons happen because of us missionaries. They all come from our loving Heavenly Father.
Also thank you to those who helped me find the talk I was talking about last week. It is called “Missionary Work and the Atonement.”
I love you all so dearly! Do your part in building up Zion wherever you are! And read those scriptures!
Sister Huang

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