The Bitter and Sweet and Fruits

(June 29)

Hello world!!

This week was busy busy busy! A missionary’s favorite kind of week 🙂
To start off, I had exchanges with Sister Chan, our Sister Training Leader, on Tuesday. I LOVE THIS SISTER OF MINE. She served in Alhambra for almost 9 months before she got transferred to Arcadia three weeks ago. And she will be going home in three weeks! It’s going to be a very very sad despidida. She is a rockstar and a very strong, devoted missionary. It was so touching to see how all the investigators/members we met that day were so so so happy to see Sister Chan. It is very clear that she made an impact on everyone that she came in contact with. I learned so much from her and I hope that one day, I can be as successful of a missionary as she is.
Thursday was 给力 (awesome). My journal entry for that day was “What a BLESSED day it was. My heart is full of love and gratitude for Heavenly Father. There is sunshine in my soul!” We were driving from house to house, lesson to lesson, service to service, miracle to miracle. Heavenly Father blessed us with a busy busy day with only one person who 放我们鸽子 (gave us a pigeon – flaked on us). I think one of the reasons why super busy days are a missionary’s best friend is because it makes it so much easier to forget ourselves and get to work! And that’s when life gets so much better.
Another thing that makes my heart happy is when people keep their commitments! It’s the best when we follow up on an invitation and they said they did it!!
So rewind back to Tuesday with Sister Chan. We ended up having a bit of extra time so we decided to visit a recent convert. We just chatted and invited her to read the Book of Mormon everyday for 10-15 minutes. Well, we had a lesson with her on Thursday and she told us she read and she felt so much less overwhelmed and stressed. That’s what the Book of Mormon does people! It blesses your life! She also told us that when Sister Chan and I visited her on Tuesday, she felt like God sent us. I am so grateful that we have the Holy Ghost to guide us to people who need what we have – the happiness that comes from the gospel. It gives me more motivation to keep myself worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost. We are nothing without Him. This work is nothing without Him.
We have a super faithful and amazing investigator right now. She was supposed to be baptized last summer, but she ended up getting a job that worked on Sundays. When Sister Chan and Sister Gong taught her, she really wanted to get baptized, but still had the work thing. Then, we started teaching her and gave her a baptism invite for July 12th right off the bat. She said YES. We made it extremely clear that in order for her to be baptized, she has to commit to not working on Sundays. We knew that this would be hard, but we promised her that if she did what the Lord commanded, He will provide. Turns out she already asked her boss three times and he wouldn’t budge. Then one day, she just told us she quit her job because she knew that she had to come to church. I have never seen someone so boldly exercise their faith. After that, she had other challenges  pop up, but she is headstrong and will not let ANYTHING get in her way of getting baptized on July 12. She told us that she already missed her chance once so she can’t and won’t let it happen again. I feel like Satan has been really attacking her because I think he knows that she will be a very 给力 member of the church.
Us sisters were also blessed with the opportunity to teach Relief Society yesterday. We were assigned to talk about the two talks given this past April conference: “Where Justice, Love, and Mercy Meet” by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and “The Gift of Grace” by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. Two very powerful and moving talks both focused on the Atonement. READ IT. If you’ve already read it, read it again! My testimony of the Atonement and the Fall grew tenfold as we prepared and taught. The Plan of Salvation – every minuscule aspect of it- is perfect. There HAD to be the bitter fruit -the Fall – in order for us to partake of the sweetest fruit -the Atonement. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ’s Atonement and Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness. I am grateful that light will ALWAYS overcome darkness. Satan CANNOT win. There is so much hope for us through this gospel!
My heart is happy! I love you all so much!
黄姐妹 Sister Huang

A member took us out for lunch and some super cool drinks :)

A member took us out for lunch and some super cool drinks 🙂


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