Biking Brings Blessings

(Aug 3)

Hello wonderful people all around the world!

I know I usually put this at the end of my emails, but I would like to just say how much I appreciate all the support and love. Thank you for the emails and letters. I truly believe that many times, God answers our prayers through other people. So thank you thank you thank you!

As for this week. AHHHH. It was so amazing. And so painful. But more of amazing than painful so I’ll start with that haha. I feel like this email still might be a little spastic so please forgive me.

So since Sister Xia and I came back to Arcadia, we decided we wanted to ride our bikes basically everywhere because 1.) it’s been about 2 months since we’ve last rode our bikes and 2.) we felt like we could talk to more people biking than driving and 3.) biking is more safe than driving for me since I still kinda get sleepy when I drive (don’t worry mom, it’s gotten better hahaha). It’s crazy how many more people we meet and how many more miracles we receive when we start biking. One tender mercy is that more people are willing to talk to us – maybe one reason is because we are two asian girls biking in 90-100 degree weather wearing skirts and sweating a ton and so they feel bad for us. Just kidding. But another part definitely has to do with Heavenly Father blessing us. We also made it a goal to talk to EVERY person we passed while biking. I think it was just natural for us to only talk to Chinese people, but we are to talk to EVERYONE. This week, we ended up talking to a man that recently came from Uganda (totally thought of you, Sister Proctor!) and a man from Persia who could only speak Farsi (wooo Elder Sugden!) and other fun and cool people.

Another miracle that came from biking happened yesterday. Well, yesterday overall was basically the best day but I’ll start with our biking adventure. So this past week, we decided to set aside some time everyday to bike and find/visit less-actives. Throughout the whole week, we didn’t have a whole lot of success – a lot of them moved, changed phone numbers, or weren’t home. It was discouraging, but I kept getting this feeling that Heavenly Father was going to give us a miracle the last day of the week. And He did. We were biking to a less active yesterday evening when we passed a man walking on the sidewalk. Without hesitation, we pulled over and started talking to him. Long story short, he and his wife went to BYU and got married in the temple and had four kids and then became inactive. He was on a way to a meeting, but he said we could meet his family who were at home just a few blocks down. So we did and it was wonderful. And the crazy thing is is that they aren’t even in our records! Some people might say this is luck, but I know that this is another one of Heavenly Father’s perfect orchestrations. We are excited to see how God will help this family come back to the church 🙂

Fast Sundays are always the best Sundays. I feel like there’s always an added amount of spirit and miracles on these days. And the amount of spiritual nourishment I receive each Fast Sunday is the greatest. Yesterday, Heavenly Father prepared the way for so many of our investigators and less-actives to come to church. During sacrament meeting, my heart was just overflowed with gratitude for my Father in Heaven. This work is true.

This work also involves a lot of heartache. I still can’t find which talk it is (which is killing me!!) but in it, it says that every missionary will have to spend some time in Gethsamane. It’s true.This past week especially, I have felt my heart ache in ways it has never been before. Several of our investigators have had and are continuing to face very difficult trials. And because we are Christ’s representatives, they know that they can share it with us. And because we are Christ’s representatives, we feel the burden and sorrow that our brothers and sisters are feeling. And because we are Christ’s representatives, we can declare boldly and lovingly that it is only through the Gospel of Jesus Christ that they can have this burden lifted and face the future with hope and optimism because they will know that they are not facing this trial alone. They have God, the Almighty and Jesus Christ, our Savior, by their side. It is the greatest privilege to be a messenger of this truth.

I wish I could write every detail of every blessing in this email, but I can’t even fit it all in my journal so I guess the only record of it is in heaven. But I want you all to know that this gospel is true! The Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses each person and family in ways nothing else can. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are right by your side, arms outstretched, ready to help you and embrace you. Reach out to them. Pray to your Father in Heaven. Use Jesus Christ’s Atonement.

I love you all!

-Sister Huang

Sorry, no pictures for this week. We were thinking of taking a picture of us post-biking, but we decided it’s better if less people see us in that state, haha.

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