An Amazing Sunday

We went to an investigator's house and played these cool Chinese recorder things

We went to an investigator’s house and played these cool Chinese recorder things

Us with Judy :) look at that glow!

Us with Judy 🙂 look at that glow!

all us Alhambra missionaries and the three who got baptized plus Brother Lin who baptized Judy. What an amazing day.

all us Alhambra missionaries and the three who got baptized plus Brother Lin who baptized Judy. What an amazing day.

(July 13)

Hello hello hello! My dear family and friends 🙂
Yesterday was a wonderful Sunday. To start off, Judy got baptized! We met with her before church to go over what would happen during the baptism and to see how she was doing. We called her a couple times this past week and she sounded so distressed about work and life. I have realized that Satan is putting his all on these Chinese people. I was talking to Sister Rounds yesterday and she said it is probably because he knows China will open very soon and he is doing all he can to stop it. But Satan won’t ever win. And he sure didn’t stop Judy from getting baptized. The service was beautiful. Oh did I mention the branch had three baptisms? Each companionship had an investigator who got baptized. The Lord’s work is definitely hastening, especially within the Chinese community. But back to when we met with Judy. She was glowing. And then after she got baptized, she was glowing even more! Seeing how the gospel changes people and how happy it makes them is a confirmation to me that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God’s true church on the earth. I am so grateful to be one of Judy’s “missionaries.”
Her conversion story is actually pretty cool. I think she was first contacted by missionaries when she lived in Texas. Then she moved here and the missionaries here got her teaching record and actually set a baptism date with her, but ended up dropping her. After about half a year later, Sister Chan was looking through the formers list and decided to call Judy. And then three months later, she got baptized! Heavenly Father has a cool way of doing His work. And I am so grateful that we could be one of Judy’s “missionaries.”
On of Sister Chan’s recent converts finally came to church yesterday! After five weeks of being in Alhambra and visiting her every week and trying to figure out different ways of getting her to church, she finally came. And her son came with! When we saw her walking in Sunday School, my heart just bursted with gratitude and happiness.
Another miracle. We are teaching a super great family. Last week, we taught about the Word of Wisdom and the mom said she didn’t think she could accept it. We met with them again last week and all of a sudden, she just told us that she is very willing to obey the Word of Wisdom. We were shocked but in a good way. God works in mysterious ways haha.
We also had two exchanges this week. On Wednesday, Sister Chan went to work with Sister Xia in Alhambra so I got to work with Sister Huang and Sister Gong in Arcadia! And then on Saturday, Sister Chan came to work with Sister Gong and me. Our trio has been struggling with companionship unity, but I am so grateful for Sister Chan and the inspiration and advice she gives. Our companionship still isn’t perfect, but it has gotten so much better.
In other words, did I mention how convenient it is having your ward mission leader also be a doctor? Sister Xia had to get a wart removed so we just went to his office yesterday and I got to do some very minimal nursing stuff. So that was fun but I definitely forgot all that I learned at school.
Well, this week will be the last week of this transfer which is CRAZY because I felt like I just came to Alhambra last week. Time is flying too fast. It’s going to be a big transfer too because Sister Chan is going home! But we are going to make this week super 给力. It will be awesome.
I loooooove you all so much!!! God has a specific plan for EVERYONE. And it is perfect. Be patient and humble and eventually, you will see the answers to all the “why’s” in life. The mission is amazing. It is worth every struggle, tear and frustration because the fruits of the labor are far better. I love my Heavenly Father and Savior. I know they live. I know this gospel is true. It can only bring the happiest of happy to your life.
Sister Huang

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