Living on the Small and Tender Mercies

Being companions for 6 months needs a picture

Being companions for 6 months needs a picture

On Tuesday, we had a ant killing spree in our bathroom....

On Tuesday, we had a ant killing spree in our bathroom….

A member gave us some KRISPY KREME DONUTS. Those who know me well know how excited I get about food but let me tell you, I was BEYOND excited when I saw the donuts. It's tender mercies like these :)

A member gave us some KRISPY KREME DONUTS. Those who know me well know how excited I get about food but let me tell you, I was BEYOND excited when I saw the donuts. It’s tender mercies like these πŸ™‚



Hello world!!!

This week was a blur. It was fast and slow at the same time. We had some pretty discouraging moments where Satan was definitely trying to get us down. But Heavenly Father won’t give us anything we can’t handle right?Β Saturday night, we just had a long pep talk and now we are more driven than ever to strengthen Arcadia and ESPECIALLY get more member involvement. In my mind, retention is basically impossible without members’ help. Missionaries will come and go frequently, but these members will stay. Not only do us missionaries need members’ help, but our investigators need them even more! So please please please, help out those missionaries and their investigators in your ward!!! Make a new friend!
We also had a solid district meeting on Thursday. It was focused on contacting and finding. So before, Sister Xia and I would go biking everywhere to give us more opportunities to contact, but since Sister Mann doesn’t have a bike yet, we have been driving – aka less time to contact people. So to be honest, it has been a while since we did some solid contacting. But after district meeting, we were pumped to go out and contact. Elder Asenjo, our district leader, said that if a lesson drops, go contact. It is because we need to believe and KNOW that there are very specific souls that are FULLY prepared to receive the gospel. So we decided to fit in some contacting time after district meeting. While contacting and getting rejected, we met an old man and had a pretty funny conversation and he said he would come visit our church on Sunday. A lot of people will say that and end up not coming, but on Sunday, HE CAME! And he brought his daughter with him! It’s little things like these that can make a missionary’s heart happy.
Speaking of church, NINE of our investigators came! Formers included! The blessings God gives are just so tender. And church itself was just edifying. I was feeling really unsettled and my heart was still hurting so during the sacrament, I just kept praying with all my heart that Heavenly Father could take this burden and pain away. Guys, the Atonement is real. It heals and it comforts and it brings peace. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ. He is my best friend.
In other words, our investigator (J) that has a baptism date set for the 30th is on track! She can’t remember much of what we teach and she learns a bit slow, but her testimony and faith is strong. She loves Heavenly Father and she is humble and grateful. I love her so much.
I feel like my perspective on the mission is widening and expanding every week. I really feel the Lord shaping me. We plan on working even harder this week and hope to see more miracles!
Sister Huang

Apostles and apostles

Our new trio! Sister Mann's first Sunday :)

Our new trio! Sister Mann’s first Sunday πŸ™‚

She calls us her midgets hahahaha.

She calls us her midgets hahahaha.

Hello my dear friends and family!
Can I just start of saying how grateful I am to have the opportunity to co-train Sister Mann?! Now I understand when other missionaries talk about that “greenie fire” and how their trainees are the one training them and how some just hit the ground running. Sister Mann is literally that missionary. And she is EXACTLY what Arcadia needs. She is going to make this area stronger and better than ever before. Her vision is amazing and she has the work ethic to back it up. I feel a lot of times, I can just sit back and watch her improve this area single-handedly. Oh my goodness, she is amazing. She pushes me to be better and to step up my game. She gives me more hope and optimism towards this area. She helps me feel more charitable love towards our investigators and our members. I AM SO GRATEFUL. Hopefully I get to continue training her after these next 2 weeks, but if not, that’s fine too because the Lord’s ways are higher than our ways.
She also told me something the other night that I thought was just profound. She said “The only difference between us missionaries and the Apostles is that they have keys. They are Apostles with a big A and we are apostles with a small A. We only have 1 1/2 years so how can we think of anything else other than missionary work?” I love this sister.
We had Zone Meeting last week. It was my favorite Zone Meeting ever. We talked about becoming true followers of Christ and consecrating ourselves to the work and to the Lord. The Zone Leaders used the story of Jesus Christ calling his Apostles. Several things really struck me. First was how Jesus Christ called fishermen to be His Apostles. Second was how fast they were willing to drop everything – their family, jobs, hobbies, and all other desires – and follow Jesus Christ. They were probably not the smartest or richest or most popular people, but that is not what Jesus Christ wanted. He wanted and continues to want humble followers and servants who are willing to sacrifice everything and give it all to Him and His work.
And then the Zone Leaders shared the talk by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland called “The First Great Commandment.” Read it. In it, it talks about Jesus Christ asking Peter three times if he loves Him. I want to share one of my favorite parts of the talk where Elder Holland uses his own words to summarize what Jesus Christ said to Peter after Peter told Him that he loved Him 3 times:
“Then Peter, why are you here? Why are we back on this same shore, by these same nets, having this same conversation? Wasn’t it obvious then and isn’t it obvious now that if I want fish, I can get fish? What I need, Peter, are disciples–and I need them forever. I need someone to feed my sheep and save my lambs. I need someone to preach my gospel and defend my faith. I need someone who loves me, truly, truly loves me, and loves what our Father in Heaven has commissioned me to do. Ours is not a feeble message. It is not a fleeting task. It is not hapless; it is not hopeless; it is not to be consigned to the ash heap of history. It is the work of Almighty God, and it is to change the world. So, Peter, for the second and presumably the last time, I am asking you to leave all this and to go teach and testify, labor and serve loyally until the day in which they will do to you exactly what they did to me.”
If we really love Christ, we will let it all go. It is hard, but in the end, it will be easier. And not only do we need to love Jesus Christ, but we need to love His work. Our attitude towards the challenges and trials during the mission show a lot about our feelings and love towards missionary work. And missionaries are not only those who wear a black name tag. Everyone can be a missionary. So go out with the missionaries to lessons. Be an example to your peers. Share your testimony. Introduce your friends to the gospel. Love Jesus Christ and His work.
The Zone Leaders then gave each of us a paper and told us to write one thing that we want to sacrifice for the rest of our mission. When I wrote mine down, I literally felt like a burden was lifted. I am still learning to let things go, to live the law of sacrifice and consecration. However, I know that in doing so, I will allow myself to be more malleable so that Heavenly Father can shape me into the person He wants me to be.
I know this Church is true. I have seen too many miracles and blessings to deny that. I am grateful to be called to be a fisherman of Christ. I love Him so much.
Sister Huang 黄姐妹
P.S.: Today is the 6-month anniversary of me and Sister Xia’s companionship! Is that a record?
P.P.S.: A sister came up to me yesterday after Sacrament Meeting and asked me “Is Lienna Pan your mom?” Probably the fourth or fifth person to ask me this since day 1 at the MTC. Turns out she went to the same ward with my mom back in Taiwan! And now she goes to the Mountain View ward! So I have also come to the conclusion that part of the reason I am here is to find all my mom’s friends that live in the mission haha (just kidding). Sorry mom, I forgot to take a picture with her, but I will next week!

Sister Xia and I are Having a Baby!

Sister Xia treated me to THAI for my six month mark!

Sister Xia treated me to THAI for my six month mark!


Hello dear friends and family!
Yep you read right! Sister Xia and I got a call from the APs yesterday telling us that we will be training the new sister together! Sister Xia really is my partner in crime. We have been trained together, moved together (twice), had the same companions together, and will now train together. Conjoined twins I tell you. I think that right now, we have been so caught up in the excitement of getting a new Chinese speaking Sister (it’s been over five months since Sister Gong came in) to even think about the training aspect. I am grateful to have Sister Xia – she will be a great trainer.
Our new sister is Sister Mann! We just picked her up today from the mission office! We almost tackled her when we first saw her because we were so excited. She is from Centerville, Utah and is studying physics at University of Utah. No worries, I still love her πŸ™‚ She is awesome and her Chinese is GOOD. AHHHH so so so excited!
As for this past week, it was a fruitful week. We had Zone Conference yesterday! It was incredibly uplifting and inspiring, just like every other one. I testify that President Villanueva is a man called of God. He receives specific revelation for the California Arcadia Mission. Recently, I have been trying to really focus and figure out how to COMPLETELY submit my heart and mind to God and this work. I had several questions and concerns pertaining to that going into the conference and lo and behold, revelation and answers came. This work is the Lord’s work and He will shape and refine His missionaries so that we can become the capable and loving servants that He needs us to be. We just need to be exactly obedient and strip ourselves of pride. Easier said than done, but the rewards will be far greater than if we just rely solely on ourselves.
Also, we had exchanges with the ENGLISH SISTER TRAINING LEADERS! Us Chinese sisters don’t have an STL now because there are only 4 of us so now the Sunland sisters are taking care of us πŸ™‚ I was so blessed to go to do English work with Sister Schneider. It was an amazing experience. First of all, it always feels great to teach and speak in your native language (however, I totally forgot how to pray in English….). Second of all, Sister Schneider is AMAZING. She is THE definition of bold and loving. She is so straight up but her investigators and LAs always listen and do what she says because they know it’s all out of love. Also, she gave me a TON of new ideas to better work with the ward. She told me that we can’t bring in people to a without first strengthening the ward itself. It’s so true. We can baptize a ton of people, but if the ward is not on board with missionary work, it is incredibly difficult to have a high retention rate. Overall, I learned so much from Sister Schneider and I am extremely sad that she will be going home in three weeks 😦
We have been working with a couple who had a baptismal date set for last transfer but it didn’t happen. So before we met with them this past week, we decided our goal for the lesson was to set a new baptism date with them. However, during the lesson, the Spirit directed us down a different path. We were reading from the Book of Mormon and it was so apparent that the Holy Ghost was teaching all of us through the scriptures. The Holy Ghost helped them understand and feel the power and hope of the gospel and He helped Sister Xia and I discern their needs. We ended up switching the invite to better accommodate to their needs at that moment in time. I am so grateful that this work is not our work, but the Lord’s work. I am so grateful that He knows and loves each one of His children individually. I am so grateful that through the Holy Ghost, we are able to know how Heavenly Father wants each specific person to come unto Christ. None of these miracles or lessons happen because of us missionaries. They all come from our loving Heavenly Father.
Also thank you to those who helped me find the talk I was talking about last week. It is called “Missionary Work and the Atonement.”
I love you all so dearly! Do your part in building up Zion wherever you are! And read those scriptures!
Sister Huang

Biking Brings Blessings

(Aug 3)

Hello wonderful people all around the world!

I know I usually put this at the end of my emails, but I would like to just say how much I appreciate all the support and love. Thank you for the emails and letters. I truly believe that many times, God answers our prayers through other people. So thank you thank you thank you!

As for this week. AHHHH. It was so amazing. And so painful. But more of amazing than painful so I’ll start with that haha. I feel like this email still might be a little spastic so please forgive me.

So since Sister Xia and I came back to Arcadia, we decided we wanted to ride our bikes basically everywhere because 1.) it’s been about 2 months since we’ve last rode our bikes and 2.) we felt like we could talk to more people biking than driving and 3.) biking is more safe than driving for me since I still kinda get sleepy when I drive (don’t worry mom, it’s gotten better hahaha). It’s crazy how many more people we meet and how many more miracles we receive when we start biking. One tender mercy is that more people are willing to talk to us – maybe one reason is because we are two asian girls biking in 90-100 degree weather wearing skirts and sweating a ton and so they feel bad for us. Just kidding. But another part definitely has to do with Heavenly Father blessing us. We also made it a goal to talk to EVERY person we passed while biking. I think it was just natural for us to only talk to Chinese people, but we are to talk to EVERYONE. This week, we ended up talking to a man that recently came from Uganda (totally thought of you, Sister Proctor!) and a man from Persia who could only speak Farsi (wooo Elder Sugden!) and other fun and cool people.

Another miracle that came from biking happened yesterday. Well, yesterday overall was basically the best day but I’ll start with our biking adventure. So this past week, we decided to set aside some time everyday to bike and find/visit less-actives. Throughout the whole week, we didn’t have a whole lot of success – a lot of them moved, changed phone numbers, or weren’t home. It was discouraging, but I kept getting this feeling that Heavenly Father was going to give us a miracle the last day of the week. And He did. We were biking to a less active yesterday evening when we passed a man walking on the sidewalk. Without hesitation, we pulled over and started talking to him. Long story short, he and his wife went to BYU and got married in the temple and had four kids and then became inactive. He was on a way to a meeting, but he said we could meet his family who were at home just a few blocks down. So we did and it was wonderful. And the crazy thing is is that they aren’t even in our records! Some people might say this is luck, but I know that this is another one of Heavenly Father’s perfect orchestrations. We are excited to see how God will help this family come back to the church πŸ™‚

Fast Sundays are always the best Sundays. I feel like there’s always an added amount of spirit and miracles on these days. And the amount of spiritual nourishment I receive each Fast Sunday is the greatest. Yesterday, Heavenly Father prepared the way for so many of our investigators and less-actives to come to church. During sacrament meeting, my heart was just overflowed with gratitude for my Father in Heaven. This work is true.

This work also involves a lot of heartache. I still can’t find which talk it is (which is killing me!!) but in it, it says that every missionary will have to spend some time in Gethsamane. It’s true.This past week especially, I have felt my heart ache in ways it has never been before. Several of our investigators have had and are continuing to face very difficult trials. And because we are Christ’s representatives, they know that they can share it with us. And because we are Christ’s representatives, we feel the burden and sorrow that our brothers and sisters are feeling. And because we are Christ’s representatives, we can declare boldly and lovingly that it is only through the Gospel of Jesus Christ that they can have this burden lifted and face the future with hope and optimism because they will know that they are not facing this trial alone. They have God, the Almighty and Jesus Christ, our Savior, by their side. It is the greatest privilege to be a messenger of this truth.

I wish I could write every detail of every blessing in this email, but I can’t even fit it all in my journal so I guess the only record of it is in heaven. But I want you all to know that this gospel is true! The Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses each person and family in ways nothing else can. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are right by your side, arms outstretched, ready to help you and embrace you. Reach out to them. Pray to your Father in Heaven. Use Jesus Christ’s Atonement.

I love you all!

-Sister Huang

Sorry, no pictures for this week. We were thinking of taking a picture of us post-biking, but we decided it’s better if less people see us in that state, haha.

The Words of God

Sister Xia hit her six month mark this past week! She is so cute. I asked her what she wanted to eat for dinner so that I could treat her. Of all the places, she wanted In-N-Out. She's become an American (even though she doesn't want to ever admit it hahaha).

Sister Xia hit her six month mark this past week! She is so cute. I asked her what she wanted to eat for dinner so that I could treat her. Of all the places, she wanted In-N-Out. She’s become an American (even though she doesn’t want to ever admit it hahaha).


We hiked up (or I should probably say down) the San Gabriel Mountains early in the morning. I've got to say, it's definitely a lot easier to hike in California than Utah because of the elevation haha. But the waterfall had almost no water because of the drought so that was that.

We hiked up (or I should probably say down) the San Gabriel Mountains early in the morning. I’ve got to say, it’s definitely a lot easier to hike in California than Utah because of the elevation haha. But the waterfall had almost no water because of the drought so that was that.

(July 27)

Hello wonderful people!

It’s great to be back in Arcadia! Even though Sister Xia and I were only gone for 6 weeks, Arcadia has changed a lot. Sister Huang and Sister Chan left us with a pretty solid teaching pool. It’s kind of nerve-wracking “pink washing” an area, but Heavenly Father is definitely helping us every step of the way. Also, did I mention how much I LOVE doing missionary work with Sister Xia? And being in my first two-person companionship, I think it’s pretty swell. Both trios and duos are great, but there’s definitely a reason why us missionaries are called two-by-two.

Anyway, after being together 24/7 for almost half a year, Sister Xia and I have a really great relationship – missionary wise and friend wise. I am definitely sure that we will be eternal friends. I told her that I’ll probably start developing “princess syndrome” soon because she is seriously just too good to me. I am so blessed. She’s also a really hard worker. We are both on the same page as to what we want to accomplish on this mission so it’s pretty awesome. Being unified with your companion is one of the biggest blessings on the mission. Once the two of you are unified, the work can progress with faster speed and more success. We hope to see much success during this transfer! We have set several goals – personal, companion and area – and you bet we are working hard to accomplish them!

So as for the miracles of this week. On Wednesday, we planned a list of potentials and investigators to visit. However, things just weren’t happening and our spirits were pretty down. We planned to contact for the last 1 1/2 hours of the day but by that time, we just weren’t feeling it. However, we decided to muster up our faith and just do it. Heavenly Father blesses His missionaries when they work. We were able to have two lessons while contacting and also get a referral! Sister Xia and I went to bed with a happy and grateful heart.

Another sweet tender mercy. As we were going through and visiting potentials this past week, we were able to contact the mom of a potential. The son (potential) wasn’t home, but she said we could come back on Saturday morning. We were pretty excited. So Saturday morning comes and we bike to this person’s house. On our way there, a lady stops us on the street and asks for directions. We helped her and quickly told her we were missionaries (she was late for work) and gave her an English class flyer. She seemed interested and also appreciative of our service and very willingly gave us her phone number and then drove off. When we got to the potential’s house, he told us he wasn’t interested and that his friend pulled a prank by referring him to us because they didn’t think that we would actually come. My heart literally ached when I heard that. It was disappointing but as we were biking home, Sister Xia and I said that it was definitely Heavenly Father’s plan for us to bike to his house and meet the lady on the way there. Even though meeting her and getting her number didn’t seem like a big deal, it was a blessing for us.

I have decided to go back and start reading and studying the Book of Mormon from the beginning. What a difference it has brought to my personal study! Everyday this week, I felt like Heavenly Father was POURING out answers, guidance and motivation to me through The Book of Mormon. I have read 1 Nephi so many times, but there have been phrases and verses that I felt had a completely different meaning to me compared to the previous times I have read it. It was a reaffirmation to me that this book is the word of God. I know that The Book of Mormon is true. I know that through earnestly searching and pondering its words, we can receive revelation. Heavenly Father will let us know what we need to do. We can better understand His will and plan for us through this book. There is no way this book was written any other way EXCEPT by divine guidance and revelation. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon. It really has become my favorite book. So if you haven’t read it, READ IT. IfΒ  you have read it, READ IT AGAIN. Read it over and over and over! Let Heavenly Father to help and guide you!

I know this church is true. I love this gospel with all my heart. I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ even more. I am forever grateful to be a part of this great work.


Sister Huang

Perfect Orchestrations

So we kinda have a fly problem since our house has many cracks... Sister Xia swatted one and ended up breaking the light screen thing haha.

So we kinda have a fly problem since our house has many cracks… Sister Xia swatted one and ended up breaking the light screen thing haha.

DSC00755 DSC00768

We have been meaning to go take pictures at the Alhambra Bridge since we got to Alhambra. Finally did during our last week haha.

We have been meaning to go take pictures at the Alhambra Bridge since we got to Alhambra. Finally did during our last week haha.

DSC00780 DSC00791

Sister Larsen's (finished serving in Arcadia back in March) mom and my mom served together in Taiwan! What a small world :)

Sister Larsen’s (finished serving in Arcadia back in March) mom and my mom served together in Taiwan! What a small world πŸ™‚

DSC00805 DSC00811

(July 20)

Hello hello hello!!

Well, we got transfer calls this past Saturday and guess what? I’m going back to Arcadia! And guess who’s my companion? SISTER XIA!! This will be our fifth transfer together. We are conjoined twins! It also semi-counts as whitewash just because no one is staying in Arcadia to help us. But it doesn’t really count either because we were there six weeks ago, haha.
My feelings are mixed. I am so pumped to work with Sister Xia one on one. After four transfers of being in trios together, we finally get to work with just each other! We are committed to being even more obedient and hard-working. This is going to be an awesome transfer. Still many challenges, but awesome.
I’m so heartbroken to be leaving Alhambra after only being there for six weeks. It went by so fast. I feel like it was just yesterday when we were driving around, getting lost and getting to know Alhambra. Now only after six weeks, the Valley Branch, our English class, our investigators and Sister Rounds are all so dear to my heart. It’s so hard to leave them. But I have a feeling that I’ll be back in Alhambra within the next year.
As for our week last week. The family we are teaching is doing great! We are really hopeful that they will get baptized next Sunday! They are so willing to obey the commandments and the mom has a solid testimony of the Book of Mormon. I love this family so much. Every time we go to their house, it’s CHAOS. The two kids are always screaming and yelling, but I am the happiest whenever I am at their house.
I also want to share how grateful I am for our church hymns. Recently, our mission president set a rule that we can only listen to hymns – no variations or remixes. At first, we were kinda bummed, but it has been a HUGE blessing. I have been more awake while driving than before (yes, that is still a big problem for me, haha). We were more unified and happy. The Spirit has been stronger. There is so much comfort that comes from the hymns. And not to mention, it’s been super fun listening to the children hymns again πŸ™‚
So Sister Chan, Elder Aun and Elder Simmons are all going home tomorrow! It’s crazy how fast time goes. It has made me reflect on my time so far on my mission (even though I haven’t even been out for six months). I am so grateful to be a missionary. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who stretches and pushes me with trials I’ve never thought I could handle. It has changed me so much. I don’t know exactly how I’ve changed, but I have. I am so grateful that I still have over a year to become a better, more consecrated and loving servant of the Lord. We also heard a “rumor” the other day that testified to me that God’s plan is perfect. Revelation is so beyond real. Nothing that happens in life is random or a coincidence. It is all perfectly orchestrated – the people you meet, the events that happen, your family and friends. Heavenly Father knows you and everything you need.

An Amazing Sunday

We went to an investigator's house and played these cool Chinese recorder things

We went to an investigator’s house and played these cool Chinese recorder things

Us with Judy :) look at that glow!

Us with Judy πŸ™‚ look at that glow!

all us Alhambra missionaries and the three who got baptized plus Brother Lin who baptized Judy. What an amazing day.

all us Alhambra missionaries and the three who got baptized plus Brother Lin who baptized Judy. What an amazing day.

(July 13)

Hello hello hello! My dear family and friends πŸ™‚
Yesterday was a wonderful Sunday. To start off, Judy got baptized! We met with her before church to go over what would happen during the baptism and to see how she was doing. We called her a couple times this past week and she sounded so distressed about work and life. I have realized that Satan is putting his all on these Chinese people. I was talking to Sister Rounds yesterday and she said it is probably because he knows China will open very soon and he is doing all he can to stop it. But Satan won’t ever win. And he sure didn’t stop Judy from getting baptized. The service was beautiful. Oh did I mention the branch had three baptisms? Each companionship had an investigator who got baptized. The Lord’s work is definitely hastening, especially within the Chinese community. But back to when we met with Judy. She was glowing. And then after she got baptized, she was glowing even more! Seeing how the gospel changes people and how happy it makes them is a confirmation to me that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God’s true church on the earth. I am so grateful to be one of Judy’s “missionaries.”
Her conversion story is actually pretty cool. I think she was first contacted by missionaries when she lived in Texas. Then she moved here and the missionaries here got her teaching record and actually set a baptism date with her, but ended up dropping her. After about half a year later, Sister Chan was looking through the formers list and decided to call Judy. And then three months later, she got baptized! Heavenly Father has a cool way of doing His work. And I am so grateful that we could be one of Judy’s “missionaries.”
On of Sister Chan’s recent converts finally came to church yesterday! After five weeks of being in Alhambra and visiting her every week and trying to figure out different ways of getting her to church, she finally came. And her son came with! When we saw her walking in Sunday School, my heart just bursted with gratitude and happiness.
Another miracle. We are teaching a super great family. Last week, we taught about the Word of Wisdom and the mom said she didn’t think she could accept it. We met with them again last week and all of a sudden, she just told us that she is very willing to obey the Word of Wisdom. We were shocked but in a good way. God works in mysterious ways haha.
We also had two exchanges this week. On Wednesday, Sister Chan went to work with Sister Xia in Alhambra so I got to work with Sister Huang and Sister Gong in Arcadia! And then on Saturday, Sister Chan came to work with Sister Gong and me. Our trio has been struggling with companionship unity, but I am so grateful for Sister Chan and the inspiration and advice she gives. Our companionship still isn’t perfect, but it has gotten so much better.
In other words, did I mention how convenient it is having your ward mission leader also be a doctor? Sister Xia had to get a wart removed so we just went to his office yesterday and I got to do some very minimal nursing stuff. So that was fun but I definitely forgot all that I learned at school.
Well, this week will be the last week of this transfer which is CRAZY because I felt like I just came to Alhambra last week. Time is flying too fast. It’s going to be a big transfer too because Sister Chan is going home! But we are going to make this week super η»™εŠ›. It will be awesome.
I loooooove you all so much!!! God has a specific plan for EVERYONE. And it is perfect. Be patient and humble and eventually, you will see the answers to all the “why’s” in life. The mission is amazing. It is worth every struggle, tear and frustration because the fruits of the labor are far better. I love my Heavenly Father and Savior. I know they live. I know this gospel is true. It can only bring the happiest of happy to your life.
Sister Huang