Bringing Souls to Christ

Hello world!!!!
Yesterday was glorious. Wang Ping was baptized! She truly is a powerhouse. In the two weeks that we met, taught and became friends with her, we have seen how much hope this gospel has brought to her. I loved what she told us Saturday night when we told her how the baptismal service would go down. She said that before she came in contact with the church, she had no direction. She just thought life was life and when it ended, it was over. However, knowing that there is a Celestial Kingdom, a goal, gave her so much more motivation and purpose. She truly understands and loves the Plan of Salvation. She now has this eternal happiness.

The baptismal service was wonderful. The Spirit was oh so strong! Sister Huang and I sang “I Need Thee Every Hour” and even though my singing capabilities are very poor, I felt the Spirit testify through us to Sister Wang that Jesus Christ will always be by her side. That her decision to be baptized and enter into this covenant is so right. I am so incredibly proud of her. I know she will bless her family through her example and she will bless the church, especially in China. I love her so much. How amazing it is to be a part of this work and to bring souls – our own brothers and sisters, God’s children – unto Christ. To help them open the door to the path back to Heavenly Father. To bring them home. This work is marvelous. It truly is the Lord’s work. I am grateful everyday to serve Him and His children.

We had another awesome thing happen yesterday. Sister Huang was in Alhambra contacting with the sisters so Sister Xia and I went to visit some people. We ended up having 40 minutes before our next lesson so we thought we could do some contacting. The only place that was close by was a park in South Pasadena. We had passed by this park several times before and every time, we only saw Hispanics and Caucasians but never Chinese people. However, Sister Xia and I prayed in faith that we would find Chinese people to talk to. Then BAM. We got out of the car and lo and behold, a Chinese couple is walking towards us. They weren’t interested at all, but it was a still miracle. As we kept walking further into the park, there were more and more Chinese people! Sister Xia and I were in awe. While we were at the park, we contacted a family and were able to set up a time to do a church tour with them! MIRACLE! And then, the dad said he will probably come to our church meeting next Sunday! MIRACLE! Man, I love this work so much.
I hope everyone is doing well!! Thank you for all the love and support and prayers. I love you all so much! Do something nice for someone today!
Sister Huang

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