Great Potential

 LA in the back!

LA in the back!

Some of our zone

Some of our zone

our trio on the field of the Dodger's Stadium!

our trio on the field of the Dodger’s Stadium!

Sister Chan and I! Love her to pieces

Sister Chan and I! Love her to pieces

The Chinese sisters with Sister Thurgood and Sister Rounds :)

The Chinese sisters with Sister Thurgood and Sister Rounds 🙂

I love our trio

I love our trio

Hello world!!!!

Once again, SO many miracles. Arcadia is growing so much. After 2-3
months of little progress, it’s exciting to see the work picking up.
And it is picking up like crazy! Sometimes, the three of us feel like
we can’t even handle it. The work is hastening.

So Wednesday was insane and jam-packed. We had seven lessons scheduled
but we had to raincheck one because we had negative time. So we had
six lessons in one day. Sister Huang said that’s a record for her. But
it’s not the numbers that matter. It’s the people! We had a lesson
with our golden investigator (who is getting baptized this Sunday!!!).
She is definition of 给力(powerhouse). Two weeks. She progresses so fast. We just
teach her and testify to her and she just soaks all of it up. Her
testimony is already on fire. I know that she will be a huge asset to
the church. She is already a powerhouse and has so much potential. I
feel so undeserving of this miracle – I feel like this a fairy tale
story. But no, it’s real. Heavenly Father is truly preparing these
kinds of people to receive the gospel. And oh how prepared they are!
We will be finishing up the lessons with her this week and she will
hopefully be getting baptized on Sunday! So please pray for her!

We also got a FAMILY referral from a member! The parents head back to
China today so we are focusing on the kids. They went to our church a
couple of times about 10 years ago but stopped. During our first
meeting with them, one of the kids (I shouldn’t call them kids because
they’re all over 18) said he wanted to reconnect with the church. Wow.
I could already see their potential. It was a little funny though
because of the language. So the parents can only speak/understand
Cantonese and Mandarin. The kids can only speak/understand Cantonese
and English. Sister Huang and I can only speak/understand English and
Mandarin. Talk about language barrier (haha that’s kind of punny).
However, since we were focusing on the kids, we taught in English and
translated a little on the side. Anyway, we also decided to pass them
to the English elders so that they can go to an English speaking ward.
So on Sunday night, we had an FHE/pass off lesson – picture a small,
humble living room with 3 Chinese sisters, 2 English elders, a family
of 5, a member and her child and 3 languages. It was so fun and happy.
I realize how much I love being with people – especially a lot of
people. We talked about testimony and taught them how to pray. They
were so excited about prayer – the sister even did the closing prayer!
Also, they asked a lot of great questions that gave us many
opportunities to bear our testimony. There was so much love, truth,
happiness and faith in that little room. Even though we passed them
off, you can bet that we will be praying hard for them!

We had eight people come to church yesterday! What a blessing. The
family of five came, along with our golden investigator plus a new
investigator with a baptismal date and then a surprise one! It is
actually pretty frequent for people to just walk in to our church. And
sacrament meeting was wonderful. Two of the talks were given by the
elders’ new converts. They have been members for only 2 months but
their testimonies are solid. It was amazing to see how much they loved
this gospel, how much they have been blessed by it, and how much they
know it to be true. It’s amazing how much more potential people
realize they have when they have the gospel in their lives.

The senior sisters also took our zone to tour the Dodger Stadium
today! And we went to Chinatown after 🙂 Of course, we took a bunch of
pictures but since all the libraries are closed today, I will send
them next week.

I love this work so much! There’s nothing like it. Heavenly Father
continues to pour blessings upon His missionaries and upon all His
children. There is not one day where He won’t give you a miracle or
tender mercy. They are all over. Count your blessings!

Sister Huang 黃姐妹


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