The Most Abundant Week

Sister Huang and Sister Xia at the mall with our posters as we waited for our booth! They're so cute

Sister Huang and Sister Xia at the mall with our posters as we waited for our booth! They’re so cute

Look at this cute little baby watermelon that one of our investigators gave us!

Look at this cute little baby watermelon that one of our investigators gave us!

Hello dearest family and friends!!
This week was THE best. Even though I don’t have good enough English to express my feelings properly, I hope you can feel my excitement and PURE joy through this email.
So the beginning of the week was kind of rough. But in a funny and good way. Monday night, we got locked out of our apartment. We went to throw out the trash and when we got back, we realized the door was locked and our keys and phone were still in the house. Long story short, the Zone Leaders rescued us and took us to the Alhambra pad so we stayed with Sister Chan and Sister Gong for the night. We went to the apartment office the next day and got a spare key so all was well in the end. However, I’m pretty sure I can nominate myself for being the klutziest missionary ever.
Besides that little bump in the road, our trio saw too many miracles to count this week. I wish I could share all of them, but time and space is limited, haha. I truly believe it was because we all came to a new sense of purpose and dedication to our area and to this work. Our past 3 months have been challenging and extremely humbling to say the least. However, the Lord provides when we take an extra step to sacrifice our all to the alter.
We made a contacting goal on Thursday to talk to at least 10 people everyday, no matter how busy we were. We had the faith that if we worked our hardest to reach our goal, Heavenly Father would lead us to someone who was prepared to receive the gospel.  We didn’t reach our goal Thursday, but we were extra committed Friday. We literally had zero time on Friday to go contacting, so we took 15 minutes from our dinner time to go out and find people. For some reason, all my fears of approaching and contacting people completely disappeared. We reached our goal but still didn’t find that one truly prepared person. However, we had a lesson later that evening with an investigator (Z). She had told us she wanted to get baptized, but she was going back to China on Sunday so we had to wait until she came back. However, she brought a friend (W) to the lesson that Friday evening. Her friend already went to church once. During that lesson, she told us straight up that she wanted to get baptized and join the church. We were able to set a date with her right then and there.
We had prepared a Book of Mormon for (Z) and when we gave it to her, (W) said she wanted one too. She wanted to read it as soon as possible. She wanted to finish the lessons as soon as possible. We had another lesson with her on Sunday and taught the Plan of Salvation. She literally soaked it all up like a sponge. Her whole persona was glowing. The Spirit was working through her and through us. I had to keep asking myself if this was actually happening. Miracles like these truly exist. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for (W) as she continues to progress in the gospel.
Another big miracle we had this week pertains to referrals. REFERRALS GALORE. We got a referral for two families and both of them were from less-actives. We got another referral from the English missionaries and we have already set times to teach all of them this upcoming week!
Also, we had Zone Conference yesterday so that’s why our P-day got moved to Tuesday. I love President and Sister Villanueva so much. President Villanueva is truly inspired and knows exactly what counsel and guidance to give us to best help us missionaries. Our zone conference was centered around setting goals and finding. I left that conference with a stronger commitment to set more prayerful and meaningful goals. It is repeated so often that these numbers are not just numbers. We HAVE to think of each one of them as a name of our brother and sister, a child of God! President Villanueva gave specific ways to help us be better at setting goals and also emphasized the importance of The District videos. He told us we should be watching those videos everyday. They are probably one of the most effective tools in learning how to become an effective and successful missionary. I am grateful for his counsel.
Every day this past week felt so long but in the greatest way because we were so jam-packed with work to do. It was such a blessing everyday to run from appointment to appointment, place to place, never having a minute to take a break. I love this work so much. So so so so so much. This is the happiest work. The most rewarding work. It is because it is the LORD’S work. All He wants is us to be happy and successful and to help others do the same. Therefore, HE WILL NOT LET US FAIL. The work is hastening! So many more people are being prepared! The Lord is directing every aspect of this work. I love being a missonary. I would not trade this time for anything in the world.
I wish I was more eloquent, but I want each one of you to know that you are each a child of God. He loves you more than you know. He knows you perfectly and you can tell Him ANYTHING. He wants you to talk to Him! Jesus Christ is our Savior and He suffered in Gethsamane and on the cross just for you and me. Let him be your best friend. Let him help you. With Him, anything is truly possible. With Him, you can have the purest joy! Who doesn’t want that?
I love you all! Pray to feel Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ’s love for you!
Sister Huang

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