Faith: The First Principle of the Gospel

 Every missionary's dream. Flat tire.

Every missionary’s dream. Flat tire.

Skyping with the fam bam :)

Skyping with the fam bam 🙂

We played baseball as a zone activity today!​

We played baseball as a zone activity today!​

Hello to my dearest family and friends!

First off, one more big HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to every single mother out
there! Jeffrey R. Holland said it right when he said “You are
MAGNIFICENT! You are doing great!”
It was also so wonderful to Skype with my family yesterday. Basically
spent 10 minutes just laughing haha. I love you guys so much! Thank
you for being my number one support team!

This week was focused on CONTACTING. We tried so many forms of
contacting. Since we are not allowed to knock doors in our mission, we
have to think of other ways. On Saturday, we did MALL contacting for
the first time. It was strange being in such a worldly place sharing
the gospel. But it was really good! We got several people’s contact
information and passed out a ton of temple pass along cards. Best of
all, we had a ward Mother’s Day activity that night and one of the
people we contacted and her daughter came! And then they showed up
with two of their friends!

Speaking of the Mother’s Day activity, it was so great. It was
organized and planned by the brothers of the ward and they did a great
job feeding us and entertaining us. I love Chinese people. Also, four
of our investigators came and each one brought a friend! MIRACLE. One
of our investigators brought her niece who is golden, but she lives
out of our area so we are going to refer her to the other Chinese

This week, I studied a lot about gaining a stronger testimony so that
I can teach with more power and authority. I kept coming back to the
principle of faith. We always tell our investigators how IMPORTANT
faith is. It’s the FIRST principle of the gospel for a reason! We are
commanded to do basic things to strengthen our testimony such as pray,
read the scriptures and go to church. But if there is no faith
involved when doing those things, it won’t help us in gaining and
strengthening our testimony! I reevaluated myself. Yes, I am reading
and searching the scriptures every day, I pray so many times each day
and I go to church every Sunday. But am I doing all those things with
the mindset and faith that God will answer my prayers through
scripture and that He will give me the peace and comfort that comes
from partaking of the sacrament every week? Or am I letting
discouragement and Satan get the better of me?
One thing I found that has been helping me strengthen my faith is
counting my blessings. It reminds me that Heavenly Father and Jesus
Christ lives and that they love and know me. That is why they have
blessed me with so many things. I also think of the times when I
really knew something of the gospel was true. I realized I have had so
many experiences where I felt the Holy Ghost testify to me. I can’t
deny those experiences. Instead, I must share the gospel with more
diligence because I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE.

So I invite you all to count your many blessings. Pray and read the
scriptures with purpose. Have the simple faith to know that Heavenly
Father will answer you. I know He will and He does. I forgot who said
it but it was along the lines that out of all the names that we can
call God, He wants us to call Him Father. How beautiful is that?

Have a week full of blessings and tender mercies!
Sister Huang (黄姐妹)



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