Refiner’s Fire

our cute trio!

our cute trio!

family friends :)

family friends 🙂

Hello world!!!
This week was.... well, a little rocky. There were many nights this
week where I went to bed extremely disappointed with myself. It kept
hitting me over and over that I only have 18 months to do the Lord's
work and help these precious souls as best as I can. And now it's
already down to 15! So basically time needs to slow down and I need to
step it up!

My companions have helped me so much this week though. So grateful I
have Sister Xia and Huang. We have gotten a lot closer and better at
expressing our concerns with each other (although I still need to
learn how to open up to people). This week, I finally got to go on a
full exchange with Sister Huang. It's crazy how much more you can
learn when it's one on one, but I know Heavenly Father put me in a
trio for a reason. Anyway, the exchange was AMAZING. Sister Huang
really pushed me and I felt like I was on the edge of giving up, but I
was so thankful for that experience because I've been praying for
Heavenly Father to really put me in the refiner's fire. She also gave
me every advice or suggestion with LOVE. She is the best and she is
such an admirable missionary.

We didn't have many lessons this week, but Heavenly Father continues
to provide us miracles everyday. Sometime, I feel like we don't
deserve so many miracles but Heavenly Father is merciful and generous.
One miracle we had this week was on Sunday. On Saturday night, we
called and invited/reminded our investigators to come to church.
Sunday came and no one showed. We have had several weeks in a row
where no one has showed. During Sacrament, Sister Huang prayed
sincerely for a miracle. When she opened her eyes, a FORMER and her
FRIEND walked in! I know many times, Heavenly Father doesn't answer
our prayers right away, but when He does, how extra grateful I am!

I have also really focused my studies on how to really listen to our
investigators and the Spirit during lessons. I've learned a lot of it
has to do with truly loving your investigators. Also, I came across
Alma 18 and 22 where Ammon and Aaron teach King Lamoni. When I read
these two chapters, I can't even tell you how excited I got and how
much inspiration I received regarding how to be a better teacher! The
Book of Mormon has so many prime examples of consecrated and powerful
missionaries. How grateful I am for the Book of Mormon. I haven't yet,
however, found the answer I am looking for, but I know through more
studying, the Lord will reveal.

The work here is going a little slow, to be honest, but our cute
little trio have very high hopes and a lot of faith that this week, we
will see progress! Thank you for all your prayers, love and support! I
am so grateful for trials. It really shows how much the Lord loves us
- to let us burn in the refiner's fire so that He can mold us into the
person He wants us to be. And Heavenly Father only wants us to be the

Hope you all have a great week! Be thankful for your trials!

Sister Huang

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