I’m Done With Training! Well Almost…

Hello my dearest friends and family!

It’s the start of a new transfer and I am staying here in Arcadia with Sister Huang and Sister Xia! We thought Sister Huang might move out because she’s been here for over a year, but she’s staying for another transfer! And this transfer will be seven weeks. I am so grateful to be able to stay in Arcadia. I feel like I have SO much more to do here and I am thankful that the Lord has once again, given me the chance to better help this small portion of His vineyard.
So I should be done with training but my first transfer was four weeks and my second was five so I’m not completely done with twelve weeks. But I’m almost there! I have grown to really love and appreciate all the resources and materials the Church provides for missionaries. Heavenly Father really knows what His missionaries need to succeed.
As for this past week, I have learned to love prayer even more. I know every time we pray, we are talking to God, but this week, I really and truly felt like I was literally speaking to God as if He was right beside me. How AMAZING is it that we can talk to GOD – a supreme and almighty being that created us – ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. And He will always listen and answer! I think the reason why I really thought about this this past week was because it started hitting me how many times our investigators wouldn’t pick up the phone or call us back. It can be frustrating because all you want is some kind of answer or response. Heavenly Father will respond to you and not only will He give you an answer, but He will give you the PERFECT answer that’s just for you. How grateful I am for prayer. Pray everyday, morning and night and in between. Pray with gratitude and pray with faith. Pray with your FAMILIES. Yesterday in church, the teacher told us that she knew a woman who felt that if her family did not pray in the morning before they left the house, she felt as if she was leaving her house naked. We NEED to pray.
Speaking of families, that is another thing I am so grateful for! I am grateful for Heavenly Father’s plan and that He made families the center of it all. We need our families and we need to love them. Home is where the heart is because that is the place we learn to love and grow. Every family situation is different – no one and no family is perfect – but I know that you can always find at least one thing in your family to be grateful for. I am thankful for my own family and to have been able to grow up in a gospel centered home with loving parents and awesome siblings. Try to make your home your heaven on earth.
I love my Heavenly Father so much. I know He loves and knows each one of YOU perfectly. He is mindful of you. I am grateful for Jesus Christ and His Atonement. He walks with us every step of the way, in good times and in bad. If we ever feel lonely, lean on him. Talk to your Father in Heaven. Put your trust in Him.
Wo hen ai ni men!
-Sister Huang

A member gave us a bag of chocolate covered fruit and we found a huge one so Sister Huang wanted to take a picture

A member gave us a bag of chocolate covered fruit and we found a huge one so Sister Huang wanted to take a picture

Half our zone went to Souplantation after zone conference! (Mom, I'm still enjoying it here!)

Half our zone went to Souplantation after zone conference! (Mom, I’m still enjoying it here!)


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