Be Brave Enough to Fail

Sister Xia and I met our mission grandma this week! Sister Lin :)

Sister Xia and I met our mission grandma this week! Sister Lin 🙂

Trio at the temple!

Trio at the temple!

The Chinese Zone!

The Chinese Zone!

The five Chinese sisters and two senior sisters!

The five Chinese sisters and two senior sisters!

Hello world!

Our zone went to the temple today! The LA Temple is BEAUTIFUL. And the Spirit inside is wonderful. We woke up very early in the morning – 4 a.m. – and drove down to Santa Monica and did an endowment session. I love being in the temple – the veil is thin there. Nonetheless, missionary work is focused on serving people here on this earth so back to mission life!
This week, we focused on trying to increase our teaching pool. We did a lot of contacting and trying to find some former investigators. But Sister Huang said something that changed how we approached our contacting method. Usually, we use our free English class to talk to people and to get them to meet with us. However, we started to see that people will come to English class but then have no interest in learning about the gospel. Sister Huang said that what we put in is what we get. So if we are only inviting people to come to English class, then we’ll just get English class students. If we contact using pamphlets or scriptures or other ways that introduce the gospel, then we will get people who are interested in learning about the gospel. We just know that using English class will have more success. It became apparent to all of us that we haven’t been brave enough to fail. Even though using English class to get to talk to people is easier, the success it brings is not completely focused on our missionary purpose. We just need to GET TO THE POINT. That’s another thing our companionship is working on. Being straight and direct when we talk to people. That also takes more bravery I think. So yes, be brave enough to fail!
Our zone also has this saying that one of the Elders started: bu yao pa, zhi yao xing. It means, Don’t be afraid, just have faith. Every time someone says something along the lines of “I don’t know if I can do this….” we all just yell that saying to them. It’s great.
This week is the last week of this transfer! It was a short transfer – 5 weeks. But I’ll also graduate from my 12 weeks (even though I’m short 3 weeks) so that’s exciting! I can feel this next transfer will bring a LOT of challenges and excitement.
Read Alma 17:2. True happiness comes from serving others and seeing them grow in their relationship with God! So everyone, forget yourself for awhile and please do something to serve someone this week!
Love you all!
-Sister Huang

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