Refiner’s Fire

our cute trio!

our cute trio!

family friends :)

family friends 🙂

Hello world!!!
This week was.... well, a little rocky. There were many nights this
week where I went to bed extremely disappointed with myself. It kept
hitting me over and over that I only have 18 months to do the Lord's
work and help these precious souls as best as I can. And now it's
already down to 15! So basically time needs to slow down and I need to
step it up!

My companions have helped me so much this week though. So grateful I
have Sister Xia and Huang. We have gotten a lot closer and better at
expressing our concerns with each other (although I still need to
learn how to open up to people). This week, I finally got to go on a
full exchange with Sister Huang. It's crazy how much more you can
learn when it's one on one, but I know Heavenly Father put me in a
trio for a reason. Anyway, the exchange was AMAZING. Sister Huang
really pushed me and I felt like I was on the edge of giving up, but I
was so thankful for that experience because I've been praying for
Heavenly Father to really put me in the refiner's fire. She also gave
me every advice or suggestion with LOVE. She is the best and she is
such an admirable missionary.

We didn't have many lessons this week, but Heavenly Father continues
to provide us miracles everyday. Sometime, I feel like we don't
deserve so many miracles but Heavenly Father is merciful and generous.
One miracle we had this week was on Sunday. On Saturday night, we
called and invited/reminded our investigators to come to church.
Sunday came and no one showed. We have had several weeks in a row
where no one has showed. During Sacrament, Sister Huang prayed
sincerely for a miracle. When she opened her eyes, a FORMER and her
FRIEND walked in! I know many times, Heavenly Father doesn't answer
our prayers right away, but when He does, how extra grateful I am!

I have also really focused my studies on how to really listen to our
investigators and the Spirit during lessons. I've learned a lot of it
has to do with truly loving your investigators. Also, I came across
Alma 18 and 22 where Ammon and Aaron teach King Lamoni. When I read
these two chapters, I can't even tell you how excited I got and how
much inspiration I received regarding how to be a better teacher! The
Book of Mormon has so many prime examples of consecrated and powerful
missionaries. How grateful I am for the Book of Mormon. I haven't yet,
however, found the answer I am looking for, but I know through more
studying, the Lord will reveal.

The work here is going a little slow, to be honest, but our cute
little trio have very high hopes and a lot of faith that this week, we
will see progress! Thank you for all your prayers, love and support! I
am so grateful for trials. It really shows how much the Lord loves us
- to let us burn in the refiner's fire so that He can mold us into the
person He wants us to be. And Heavenly Father only wants us to be the

Hope you all have a great week! Be thankful for your trials!

Sister Huang

I’m Done With Training! Well Almost…

Hello my dearest friends and family!

It’s the start of a new transfer and I am staying here in Arcadia with Sister Huang and Sister Xia! We thought Sister Huang might move out because she’s been here for over a year, but she’s staying for another transfer! And this transfer will be seven weeks. I am so grateful to be able to stay in Arcadia. I feel like I have SO much more to do here and I am thankful that the Lord has once again, given me the chance to better help this small portion of His vineyard.
So I should be done with training but my first transfer was four weeks and my second was five so I’m not completely done with twelve weeks. But I’m almost there! I have grown to really love and appreciate all the resources and materials the Church provides for missionaries. Heavenly Father really knows what His missionaries need to succeed.
As for this past week, I have learned to love prayer even more. I know every time we pray, we are talking to God, but this week, I really and truly felt like I was literally speaking to God as if He was right beside me. How AMAZING is it that we can talk to GOD – a supreme and almighty being that created us – ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. And He will always listen and answer! I think the reason why I really thought about this this past week was because it started hitting me how many times our investigators wouldn’t pick up the phone or call us back. It can be frustrating because all you want is some kind of answer or response. Heavenly Father will respond to you and not only will He give you an answer, but He will give you the PERFECT answer that’s just for you. How grateful I am for prayer. Pray everyday, morning and night and in between. Pray with gratitude and pray with faith. Pray with your FAMILIES. Yesterday in church, the teacher told us that she knew a woman who felt that if her family did not pray in the morning before they left the house, she felt as if she was leaving her house naked. We NEED to pray.
Speaking of families, that is another thing I am so grateful for! I am grateful for Heavenly Father’s plan and that He made families the center of it all. We need our families and we need to love them. Home is where the heart is because that is the place we learn to love and grow. Every family situation is different – no one and no family is perfect – but I know that you can always find at least one thing in your family to be grateful for. I am thankful for my own family and to have been able to grow up in a gospel centered home with loving parents and awesome siblings. Try to make your home your heaven on earth.
I love my Heavenly Father so much. I know He loves and knows each one of YOU perfectly. He is mindful of you. I am grateful for Jesus Christ and His Atonement. He walks with us every step of the way, in good times and in bad. If we ever feel lonely, lean on him. Talk to your Father in Heaven. Put your trust in Him.
Wo hen ai ni men!
-Sister Huang

A member gave us a bag of chocolate covered fruit and we found a huge one so Sister Huang wanted to take a picture

A member gave us a bag of chocolate covered fruit and we found a huge one so Sister Huang wanted to take a picture

Half our zone went to Souplantation after zone conference! (Mom, I'm still enjoying it here!)

Half our zone went to Souplantation after zone conference! (Mom, I’m still enjoying it here!)

Be Brave Enough to Fail

Sister Xia and I met our mission grandma this week! Sister Lin :)

Sister Xia and I met our mission grandma this week! Sister Lin 🙂

Trio at the temple!

Trio at the temple!

The Chinese Zone!

The Chinese Zone!

The five Chinese sisters and two senior sisters!

The five Chinese sisters and two senior sisters!

Hello world!

Our zone went to the temple today! The LA Temple is BEAUTIFUL. And the Spirit inside is wonderful. We woke up very early in the morning – 4 a.m. – and drove down to Santa Monica and did an endowment session. I love being in the temple – the veil is thin there. Nonetheless, missionary work is focused on serving people here on this earth so back to mission life!
This week, we focused on trying to increase our teaching pool. We did a lot of contacting and trying to find some former investigators. But Sister Huang said something that changed how we approached our contacting method. Usually, we use our free English class to talk to people and to get them to meet with us. However, we started to see that people will come to English class but then have no interest in learning about the gospel. Sister Huang said that what we put in is what we get. So if we are only inviting people to come to English class, then we’ll just get English class students. If we contact using pamphlets or scriptures or other ways that introduce the gospel, then we will get people who are interested in learning about the gospel. We just know that using English class will have more success. It became apparent to all of us that we haven’t been brave enough to fail. Even though using English class to get to talk to people is easier, the success it brings is not completely focused on our missionary purpose. We just need to GET TO THE POINT. That’s another thing our companionship is working on. Being straight and direct when we talk to people. That also takes more bravery I think. So yes, be brave enough to fail!
Our zone also has this saying that one of the Elders started: bu yao pa, zhi yao xing. It means, Don’t be afraid, just have faith. Every time someone says something along the lines of “I don’t know if I can do this….” we all just yell that saying to them. It’s great.
This week is the last week of this transfer! It was a short transfer – 5 weeks. But I’ll also graduate from my 12 weeks (even though I’m short 3 weeks) so that’s exciting! I can feel this next transfer will bring a LOT of challenges and excitement.
Read Alma 17:2. True happiness comes from serving others and seeing them grow in their relationship with God! So everyone, forget yourself for awhile and please do something to serve someone this week!
Love you all!
-Sister Huang

We Listen To A Prophet’s Voice

Sister Huang and I trying a new drink... interesting to say the least haha.

Sister Huang and I trying a new drink… interesting to say the least haha.

Hello world!!!
First off, shout out to my amazing mom who did a great job translating some talks
for General Conference (even though I can’t read them haha)! Also, SMALL WORLD
because I found out one of the members of the bishopric in the ward I’m serving is
friends with my parents andapparently I went to their house when I was little! Also
found out that Sister Larsen’s (another Chinese sister missionary who finished a
couple weeks ago) mom and my mom served in a trio together in Taichong! Crazy
how worlds collide.
Anyway, this week was so good. Extra good because the two weeks prior were a
bit rocky. To start off, our companionship really saw the Lord’s hand
in helping us this week. First, we had zero new investigators last
week. This week, the Lord has blessed us with seven. Last week, we had
one investigator come to sacrament meeting. This week, we had nine
investigators come to General Conference! Also, contacting has been
slow but this past week, we got four phone numbers! It was so neat to
see the Lord guide us to talk and meet certain people. My heart is so happy.

Sister Xia and I had another chance to work with each other as a two
person companionship because Sister Huang went to Alhambra to do
exchanges with Sister Chan and Sister Gong. I love Sister Xia. She is
so hard working and has a great sense of humor. She is diligent in
improving herself so that she can be a more successful missionary. Once
she knows what she has to work on, she gets right to it.

We had interviews with the President Villanueva this past week.
Besides being the nicest man ever, I know he is an inspired man of the
Lord and I am so grateful to have him as my mission president. He is
an example of patience, charity, meekness and kindness to me.

And of course, the reason why this week was extra good was because it
was GENERAL CONFERENCE. It was another testament to me that Thomas S.
Monson is our prophet today who leads and guides us and that all the
leaders of the church are called of God. Each one of those talks were
truly inspired. I loved them all so it’s hard to pick favorites. I
really liked Jeffrey R. Holland’s talk with his story about the two
brothers. It was another reminder that the Savior, Jesus Christ, will
ALWAYS be there to lift you up, NO MATTER the circumstance. He will
NEVER give up on us. Get to know him. As you get to know him more and
more, I promise you your life will be better. We will all still have
struggles and challenges, but they will be easier to handle because
you can rely on Jesus Christ to help you and bear your burdens with

I am so grateful for this gospel. I am grateful for inspired leaders
who lead and guide us. Jesus has risen! He is here to help us and he
can be your best friend! No matter how hard times can get, life is
still wonderful and there is always hope!
Love you all!
Sister Huang

P.S.: Our zone is going to the temple next Tuesday so I will be
writing next Tuesday instead of Monday. So excited for the temple!