Charity Never Faileth!

Finally got an ipad!

Finally got an ipad!

A member in Alhambra who treated all of us to burgers and milkshakes!

A member in Alhambra who treated all of us to burgers and milkshakes!

The five chinese sisters at dog haus

The five Chinese sisters at dog haus

Hello dear friends and family!
This week has been quite hard. Probably the hardest. We had very few lessons and our teaching pool is shrinking. Not to mention almost getting into a car accident. Also, the three of us really felt Satan’s efforts against us. But through these experiences, it gave us another reminder of how truly important this work is. The only reason he is doing his best in discouraging us is because he also knows how important this work is. I am reminded so often that there is truly no greater work than God’s work in bringing His children to this gospel. It really is a privilege for God to allow me to work in His vineyard.
Although it has been a hard week, there have been many miracles! Heavenly Father blessed us with a new investigator! She is wonderful. She has a very strong desire for religion. She really believes everyone needs a religion and needs Jesus Christ. SO TRUE. We invited her to be baptized in the first lesson and she said yes! We hope to set a date next lesson!
We also set a baptism date with a 13 year old girl from China and we found her through English class. We’ve taught a lot of lessons with her and invited her to be baptized two weeks ago. Then last week we asked her to pray about a date. She didn’t have a set date so we picked one together. April 29! Happy day happy day!
I also went on exchanges! I went to Alhambra and worked with Sister Chan and Sister Gong. It’s so amazing how much you can learn from other missionaries. I came back to Arcadia with a new outlook on how to do missionary work. Also, our companionship is really focused this week on teaching lessons as a four person companionship – the three of us and the Holy Ghost. We are learning how to teach so that we can allow the Holy Ghost to teach as well. I’m excited to see the changes in our lessons this upcoming week.
I’ve studied a lot on charity and Jesus Christ’s example this past week. Through studying and prayer and learning from other missionaries’ example, I have a much clearer vision of the kind of missionary and person I want to be. I’ve also come to know that if we just follow the two greatest commandments – love thy God with all thy heart and love thy neighbor as thyself – the rest of Christ’s attributes and everything else will fall into place. So I’m continuing to work on that – developing sincere charity – because CHARITY NEVER FAILS. I am so grateful to have Jesus Christ as my example. I am so grateful for His atonement and Resurrection.
Speaking of Resurrection, Easter is this coming Sunday! And General Conference is this Saturday and Sunday! How blessed we are to hear the prophet’s voice and counsel! I am SO excited. I invite you all to watch it. And starting today, think of a question and everyday, pray that God will answer it through General Conference. I promise He will.
Also watch and share the new video that the church released for Easter!
I testify that He lives! He died and was resurrected so that we can all overcome death and have the chance to return back to him and Heavenly Father!
My heart is full with gratitude and love!
-Sister Huang

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