Sister Liu and us Trio

Sister Liu and us Trio

Sister Liu and I

Sister Liu and I

Sister Larsen and I

Sister Larsen and I


Hi Everyone!!
There were many exciting moments this week!
-We had exchanges again this week and Sister Xia and I got to go to Alhambra and do ENGLISH WORK. All I got to say was that I LOVED it and it was so much easier to teach the lesson, but I also know that I have been assigned to Chinese work for a reason. And Sister Xia’s English was so good! Too proud of her.
-I gave my first talk in Chinese on Sunday! I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for it so I was SO stressed. Not to mention the fact that I had to speak for 20 minutes. People who know me know that I can’t speak slow and I don’t think I’ve ever given a speech or talk over 5 minutes. But the Lord answers prayers. I kept praying that the Lord would open my mouth and help me say what I needed to say. I didn’t have time to translate my talk to chinese so I kinda had to wing it. But I felt the Spirit guide me through my whole talk and I wasn’t even nervous! And people understood what I said! And it was 20 minutes! My chinese was still far from great, or even good, but the Lord really does provide.
-We had transfers!!! Us three were positive that we were going to stay together in Arcadia because Sister Xia and I still have to finish our training. We got a call surprisingly (which kind of made Sister Xia and I nervous), and it was because Sister Huang is now a Sister Training Leader!!! I am so blessed to have her as my trainer. She’s so humble and so in tune with the Spirit. I know she’ll make an amazing Sister Training Leader because she’s already an amazing trainer!
    -Elder Zhao moved back to Hacienda and now we have Elder Huang with Elder Simmons! So in the Mountain View Ward, there are three missionaries that are Huangs.
    -We also now have a car that we share with the Alhambra sisters – speaking of which, we get a new Chinese sister tomorrow! We are back to 5 chinese sisters 🙂
   -Sister Larson and Sister Liu are going home 😦 I haven’t known them for too long, but they are amazing and I’m sad to see them go! But happy for them at the same time.
-This week, we decided to talk more and teach less with our investigators and new converts. We felt that we had to take more time to get to know them better. It’s amazing what the Spirit can do when you really focus and listen to what your investigators say, what your companions say, and what the Holy Ghost says.
-We didn’t get to meet with a lot of our investigators this week though. We had a couple of flakes and a lot of our lessons fell through. But I know the Lord has His timing and we just have to be patient and find more people!
-The five of us in Arcadia really want to do better with working with the ward. We re-evaluated the ward mission plan and talked to our ward mission leader and the ward council. We plan to meet with more of our members once we have a car (because everyone lives so far) and teach them how to teach and use Preach My Gospel. To all you members out there, PLEASE find out what your ward mission plan is and do your part! The Lord’s work can move so much faster if members join in and help! Give missionaries referrals! Go with them to lessons! Read Preach my Gospel! Every member is a missionary!
I love all of you so much!!! Have a spectacular week!! BE HAPPY!
Sister Huang

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