Did you floss?

Our new sister fresh from the MTC, Sister Gong!

Our new sister fresh from the MTC, Sister Gong!

We like to leave cute surprises :)

We like to leave cute surprises 🙂

Hello world!!!
So the subject heading. Sister Huang shared a quote with us today that I really liked: “When you brushed your teeth, did you actually floss?” She connected it to being a missionary. Often times, we bring the spirit in the lesson through the lesson and our testimony and reading the scriptures with our investigators. She said that’s like brushing your teeth. But we also should remember that we ourselves need to do our part in becoming more like Christ so that the investigator can feel the spirit just by our presence. If we are teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ – faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost – are we living it ourselves? We need to live the gospel that we share to others in order to help them truly convert. I remembered at the MTC, we talked about how our investigators are a mirror of how we are as missionaries. If their faith in Jesus Christ is not progressing, we need to evaluate our faith and testimony.
Sad news: Two of our investigators with baptismal dates, suddenly moved to San Francisco last week. It was sad, but we are hoping they can continue to progress in the gospel up there!
I went to my first baptism as a missionary on Saturday! It was for the Elders’ investigator. Although it wasn’t one of ours, I felt the spirit so strongly. I think after spending so much time in teaching this gospel and learning about it, I have begun to truly understand what baptism is. It’s a promise between you and God and God ALWAYS keeps His side of the promise. Isn’t it such a privilege that we have the opportunity to make a promise with GOD?
The gospel is true! I know it! Jesus Christ atoned for us so that we can all be better everyday and so that we can face trials head on knowing that he is by our side. He is my best friend!
Remember to not just only brush your teeth, but floss!
Love you all!
-Sister Huang

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