Member Missionary Work Brings Miracles!

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Hello family and friends!!
Last Monday after I emailed, our zone got together and had hot pot and it was sooooo yummy. I love Chinese food!!!
Anyway, we had mission conference on Tuesday! It was focused on iPads because we are now using iPads for real now. Before, it was all pilot-testing so now it’s legit! I’m still waiting to get an iPad but I can really see how using iPads will really hasten the work! Everyone is on social media now and that is truly the best way to share the gospel!
I also cleaned out my Facebook this past week. That was interesting. And scary. Let’s just say I was really happy when I could finally log off haha.
We are finding more and more investigators through our English class! This past week, a new family came in and we talked to them afterwards and they were willing to set up a time to do a church tour! And the best part is that it’s a three generation family! Grandparents, parents and kids. After the tour, we invited them to come to church. Actually, THEY asked what time church was. It was awesome! So on Sunday, the grandparents and kids came and they seemed to really like it. We hope to start teaching them soon!
We also baked cookies with an investigator last week. She and her husband have a baptism date coming up around the 29 and we are really hoping they will come to church this coming Sunday!
This past week, Sister Huang, Sister Xia and I really wanted to up our numbers in lessons with members. Every lesson we had with a member was awesome! They can touch people’s hearts in ways we can’t and they really bring a special spirit to the lesson. And it’s great because when the investigator comes to church, they’ll have someone to sit with and talk to!
I think we have zone meeting this week. There have been so many meetings and conferences and it really makes me feel grateful for inspired leaders!
Hope everyone has a great week this week! Even if it seems like it’s not that great, you can make it great!
Sister Huang

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