Attitude changes everything!

Sister Xia, Sister Liu and I

Sister Xia, Sister Liu and I

I feel like the days and weeks go by so fast!! I can’t believe it’s pday again already. Anyway, this week was great! Some highlights that happened this week:
-We had a zone conference on Thursday! A lot of it was focused on iPads. I think I forgot to mention in last week’s emails, but our mission is an iPad mission. I still haven’t gotten mine so I’m still using the handy dandy missionary planner and handwriting everything but I think I should get mine tomorrow at MISSION CONFERENCE! I’ll miss handwriting everything down but I’ve seen how effective and useful iPads are for missionaries. IF used properly of course.
-We had companion exchanges on Saturday with the Sister Training Leaders! Sister Xia and I worked with Sister Liu here in Arcadia and Sister Huang worked with Sister Atkins in South Pasedena doing ENGLISH WORK! I love the Sister Training Leaders and I love all missionaries! I learned so much from Sister Liu and I hope to one day be somewhere close to the kind of missionary she is. She’s going home in 2 weeks which is so sad because Sister Xia and I have just gotten to know her and love her. In my opinion, she has mastered all of the christ-like attributes in Preach My Gospel – patience, humility, hope, faith, charity, knowledge, obedience, virtue, diligence (i might have forgotten one or two). And she teaches by example and with love! The best kind of leader! Ahh it was such a privilege to work and learn from her.
-I did street contacting for the first time on Saturday! We went to a park and our main way of starting to talk to people is by giving them a little flyer we made for our English class. It’s super effective! Also, I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but I talked to several people in English. It’s good because I can truly express everything I want to say and be more like myself but bad because I need to still learn the language haha.
-We had stake conference yesterday and President Villanueva and Sister Villanueva spoke! I feel so blessed to be able to have seen them so often! And tomorrow is mission conference so I get to see them again! I love them both so much. They really are the cutest and the nicest. Also, two of our investigators came to stake conference which was awesome! The conference was in English so Sister Huang and the Elders translated. Too cool.
-Sister Xia, Sister Huang and I were doing some planning in a room at the church building the other day. We heard a fly buzzing around and after a couple of minutes, we decided we had to try to get it out because it was so distracting. So the three of us each had a book in our hands and were running around the room trying to swat the fly out. It was hilarious! Except Sister Xia hit her hip but it’s okay. It took us a while to figure it out, but we realized the fly likes the light so we just turned off the light and it left right away. So silly of us.
-The beginning of this past week was great because we had so many lessons and set several baptism dates. But the second half of the week was slow – a lot of our appointments cancelled and we had some days where we had zero lessons. However, everyday was still a wonderful day. I’ve learned that attitude can change everything! Hence the subject line 🙂 Even when you have a day where it seems like everything is going wrong, there is ALWAYS something to be happy about. And I think that yes, everyday will have bad moments, but there are always MORE happy moments as long as you pay attention and recognize them. The good always weighs out the bad and that’s why everyday is a great day!
-I love love love my companions!! We have really grown to love each other more this week and it’s been so wonderful. There are definitely some cons to being in a trio, but I loooooove having two mentors, two people I can rely on, two chinese teachers and two friends I get to spend 24/7 with! But technically, I have THREE companions: Sister Xia, Sister Huang and the Holy Ghost. Three gifts that Heavenly Father has given me.
So just remember, if you feel like you are having a bad day, think of the good things and blessings you have in your life. I PROMISE you, there is always more happy and positive things than negative. It’s just that sometimes, you have to look a bit harder 🙂
Love you all too much!
-Sister Huang

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