Second Week! And last day at the MTC…

My cute little Pilates class!!!

My cute little Pilates class!!!

Fast track and sister training leaders

Fast track and sister training leaders

DSC00345 DSC00359 DSC00360

Our other teacher, Brother Wong

Our other teacher, Brother Wong

This is our teacher, Sister He

This is our teacher, Sister He

fun fact of the week: for those who watch parks and rec, the city council building that they always show the outside of is in my mission! It’s in Pasedena! So maybe I’ll be able to see it.

So this week:

-It’s my last day at the MTC! Like what?! I felt like I’ve been here for only 4 or 5 days. My first couple of days were definitely very slow but this past week went by crazy fast. We had our in-field orientation on Friday (we learned how to street contact, work with members, and a ton of other stuff) and we also had our departure devotional on Sunday. During both, I kept thinking how it only felt like yesterday when I got here! It’s exciting times even though I do feel nervous and anxious but I am definitely PUMPED to get to work!

-I’ve learned so much this week. I’ve learned more about the gospel, how to teach effectively, connecting with investigators, etc., and it’s been amazing! I go to bed happy every night! But I think the biggest thing I’ve learned here at the MTC is how these next 18 months will be an awesome learning process and experience. I remember the first couple of days here – I was so overwhelmed with everything I had to learn. And just when I started getting used to things, we had in-field orientation and I realized that I still have SO much more to learn! Then I realized that I don’t have to learn everything right now or even during the next couple of weeks. I have the whole mission to learn and utilize Christ’s Atonement to better myself every day and to stretch myself more than I could ever imagine. That’s one of the beauties of a mission. I feel like I am already becoming a completely different person (in a good way) but obviously I have a lot more room for improvement and progression.

-I want everyone to know that GOD’S LOVE IS BEYOND REAL. Another reason why being a missionary is awesome is because you’re like the middleman between God and others. Part of being that middleman is sharing the love that God has for each person. It’s like you become a vessel of love. The love that I have felt this past week is unreal. And we can’t even comprehend all of the love God has for us but the little amount that He allows me to feel for His children is just WOW. Valentine’s day was especially loving too haha.

-Speaking of love, I didn’t think it was possible to love a group of people so much in just 12 days. I really am going to miss my companions, district, and zone so much. But I’m so excited for them because I think 90% are going to Taiwan which makes my heart the happiest. And all are speaking Mandarin and they are totally rocking it because they are all amazing people. I am continually impressed by how fast people learn Mandarin here. The gift of tongues is real people.

-Since it’s my district’s last week, our four man team decided to do a special musical number at church. We sang “I’ll Find You My Friend.” I had never heard of it but my companions said it’s popular among missionaries. But if you haven’t heard it before, I strongly recommend you to listen to it! It’s about remembering the worth of soul is great and it’s beautiful. My singing abilities is far from great but the Spirit was definitely there.

-I’ve seen some more familiar faces this week! Sister Caroline Neville (from my freshman ward) came in this past Wednesday and I got to see her the first day! It was the happiest!

-I am so grateful for opposition in life. This week, I have felt the most discouraged but also the happiest. We had a rough lesson with one of our investigators on Tuesday and it left all three of us really upset. But then the next day, we worked extra hard and the lesson was so great! Like all missionaries say, the mission is hard. BUT IT IS SO HAPPY. It’s true when they say that you do have hard days, but your happy times make you forget why you were discouraged in the first place!

-They told us here at the MTC that you are your first convert. You have to be completely converted to the gospel and to Jesus Christ before you can convert others. And I have definitely gone through a huge conversion these past 12 days. My testimony, my faith, my relationship with my God and Savior and my capacity to do things I would never be able to do by myself have all grown so much. And now, I am so excited to go out and completely submit myself to the Lord and His work!!!

I love each and every one of you so much! Best of luck this week with work, tests, papers, school in general, missions, and everything else! Next time I email, I’ll be in Cali!

Sister Huang


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